Mother’s Day this year was… hmm, different. It’s my 5th year being a mother and my 1st being ‘motherless’. We have never really celebrated it, and this year I silently hoped that the day would go faster. Afiq upon seeing some advertisements on TV about Mother’s Day said “Haaa Afiq tau, hari ni Mother Day kan Mama? Happy Mother Day Mama!” … Syahdu! Last week he brought back a Mother’s Day card that he had created at school. Must remember to take a picture of it soon.

Then my brother Amel sent me a text, wishing me Happy Mother’s Day which was surprising sebab dalam ramai2 my siblings, dia lah yang paling jarang nak wish any of us anything. :P Blame it on his extremely-extreme schedule, him being tuan inspektor. Mula2 terkejut… then rasa macam kelakar pulak he wished me, pastu tiba2 rasa sedihhhh sgt2. Maybe he wished me because Ummi’s not here to be wished any more. And Ngah’s far away in Moscow. Maybe lah, kan. Saya kan memang selalu over analyze mcm ni. Hehe.

Lepas tu pulak, last night:

Mariessa: Mama, Uncle Fik sekolah kat mana?

Mama: Uncle Fik sekolah kat Melaka.

Mariessa: Kakak pun nak sekolah kat ‘Menaka’ lah.

Mama: Boleh. Tapi sekarang ni Uncle Fik cuti. Uncle Fik balik kampung.

Mariessa: Uncle Fik balik kampung Atok ke?

Mama: Iye, balik kampung Atok.

Mariessa: Dulu kan Mama, kita balik kampung kan, Opah masuk dalam kubur, Mama!

Tersentakkkkk dengar statement dia. It’s amazing how sometimes our thoughts are aligned to each other kan? She must have ‘felt’ that I was missing Ummi so badly. This happens all the time among my siblings too.

mariessa & opah This picture was taken in June 2008. We brought Ummi to Kajang to seek better treatment after she had prolonged fever. 4 months, 2 hospitals, one major surgery and countless ‘pokes’ later, she was confirmed with Multiple Myeloma. A year after she was disgnosed, Ummi’s battle came to an end. And today, 216 days after she left, to me it still feels like yesterday.

Happy Mother’s Day Mi. Uda rindu sangat2 kat Ummi.

2 Responses
  1. momster Says:

    This is touching! and it's amazing how our young ones can actually 'connect' with us kan?

    Happy Mother's Day, you!

  2. Serene Says:

    Happy Mother's Day to you too Momster!

    Oh, it's downright amazing how they can connect with us. They actually know more than we think, kan?