1. During lunch, when asked by Ayah to pass the jug of water near her, tried to lift the jug, couldn’t and said:

Bewat lah Ayah. Nanti patah tangan kakak!”


2. After every bedtime story session with Afiq & Mariessa, Mariessa will always want to look at the picture at the back of the book. An illustration of some animals.

Mama: Ni apa.. Eyy…?

Afiq & Mariessa : lephant!!!

Mama: This one? Gi…?

Afiq & Mariessa: raffe!!!!!

Mama: Good job! What about this one? (pointing to the duck)

Afiq: Duck!

Mariessa: Bukan duck lah Abang! Duck Quack Quack!!

Mama: Ok.. last one. This is a mon…..?

Mariessa: ga!!!!!

Afiq: Ahahahaha.. Bukan mangga la kakak! Monkey lah!


Ibatlah Ibat! = Mariessa’s for Hebatlah! Hebat!

3 Responses
  1. Aunty Mas Says:

    Muahaha! With that last mix-up I'd either be peeling a monkey or be chased by a mangga lah ye?


  2. Serene Says:

    Kak, sangat! :D

    These days... bila sampai part mon.... tu.. dia pause dulu, tunggu abang jawab dulu! Hahahahah

  3. Enida Says:


    Nasib baik tak mang...kuk!