I’ve been wanting to write about my trip to the ophthalmologist, but let’s just say I’ve been sidetracked for a while.

For some reason, I was very nervous about seeing the doctor. Probably not as scared as the thought of seeing a dentist, because I figured there’s no way an ophthalmology would be drilling into my eyes. Not on my first visit at least. But still, I was scared.

It was sweet of Shahril to take the time off that morning to come with me. Well, actually he knew better; it was either that or he’ll be hearing “you don’t love me anymore, how come work is more important than my eyes… (and its variations)” speech for… probably indefinitely. Hehe.

The appoinment was set at 10am. We were there at 9am and after settling things about GL, we were given a number. 3005. Number 3003 was already inside the doctor’s office.

Not long after that patient 3003 came out. Soon 3004 was called. I was squirming in my seat. After about 20 minutes or so (yes, that long), patient 3004, a man about the age of 50 I’m guessing, came out teary eyed blinking blinking blinking and sat on one of the chairs outside the doctor’s office, clearly in some kind of pain.

I would have fled if Shahril wasn’t there with me.

Eh, come to think of it… I think it was Shahril who makes me consider running out of the hospital actually. He was making comments like.. “Ish… macam sakit je mata pakcik tu… mesti doctor bubuh ubat pedih kat mata dia…” The pakcik sapu2 mata with a tissue, Shahril went “ishhhh…. confirm pedih tu, aduhhhhhhhhh tsk tsk!”

Lucky (him) I was too nervous to whack him or something. :P

Another 15 minutes passed. Patient 3004 was still there, kejap2 lap mata dia. I knew this not because I was staring, but because Shahril had the pleasure of commenting his every moves. :P

Then I was called in. Shahril went in with me and sat at the nearest chair to the door. (Siapa yang takut, ni? :P). Doctor asked me what’s wrong, I tried to explain. He took my glasses, check check check.. had his assisstant check my eyes with that machine similar to those we often see at optical shops. Then he said he was going to send me to check for diabetese and to check my blood pressure. (At this point, I was thinking.. Oh My God, what have I got myself into?) But before that, he’s going to put some eyedrops into my eyes for further check later.

Righttttt before the assistant put in the eyedrops, she told me that it’s going to be ‘pedih sikit’ and that my vision would be blurred for the next 3-4 hours.

‘Pedih sikit’ unfortunately in real world translates to… pedih GILA! I’d rather have a dentist drilling on my tooth rather than going through the ‘pedih sikit’ in my eyes.

Err… Maybe not.

Anyway.. with my pedih eyes, I was sent to another room to have my blood pressure and sugar level checked. I’ve never had any problems with BP so far and the only times I’ve ever being checked for diabetese were during my pregnancies, so I was a little worried lah naturally. But Alhamdulillah, both readings were OK. 100/80 for my BP and 3.6 for my sugar level. I don’t know how OK is this reading on OK scale, but the nurses said OK, so I’m taking it as it is. Hehehe.

Then we waited until I was called back into the doctor’s office. He used that machine again to check my eyes, only this time around he directed very, very, very bright light into my eye. So bright, I honestly thought I was going to be blind! How ironic though, thinking about turning blind for having too much light.

All the while checking my right eye (I complained about my right eye), he was making ‘hmmm’ sounds. “Hmmm…. Hm… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (this got me worried, too long a hmm) Hmmm”

Then my left eye..”aaaa…. aaaaaaaaa…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (too long a ‘aaaa’ however, is good)”

Then my right eye again…”hmmmmmmmmmmmm” (Maybe there’s a rule about hmmm  for right and aaaa for left)


“Ok… everything looks ok to me”, he said.

I wonder whatttt lah all the hmmmmmmsss were all about, then! Bikin nervous aje!

He said the ‘saraf’ look OK to him. (that’s the good part of the news)… The not so good part is, that also means he doesn’t know what causes my problem.

Oh, lupa nak letak problem statement awal2 tadi. I sometimes feel like my right eye jadi extra kabur. Like there’s a layer of some sort covering my eye. Kalau I tenyeh2, it won’t go away. Things just got extra blurry and my right eye feels heavy, macam ada air bertakung, but actually takde. It usually goes away in an hour or two though.

So he prescribed me 2 kinds of eyedrops. (Thank God, these do not cause pedih, walaupun sedikit. Hehe). Told me to change my glasses as the power has decreased from 225 to 175 for my right eye, tapi the estig (silau?) naik to 150 and lastly to come back and see him again on the 15th.

Was given MC for the day due to that ‘pedih sikit’ eyedrops and blurred vision. The moment we stepped out of the hospital and into sunlight, I could not even open my eyes! Everything was so silau, masa tu baru faham why he had given me an MC. That didn’t stop me from making a ‘quick’ stop at the salon to get my hair washed and trimmed though. Hehehehehe. What better way to treat pedih eyes? :D

So, there goes my 1st experience with the ophthalmology . Will be seeing him again on the 15th, and hopefully no more ‘pedih sikit’ experience.

AInilSpecs With my new specs



Of course, one for him too! :)

…So much for writer's block. Hehe

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  1. la Signora Says:

    I use to take my late MIL to her appointments at the eye clinic.She's diabetic and had laser surgery on her eyes before, so eye-appointments are part-and-parcel of a diabetic patient.AND for the last year, she complained that she had pain in her left eye (behind the eye socket) and basically could see anything out of it (the left eyeball).

    Those drops they put in your eyes,they make your mata hitam (not sure, retina kah...kornea kah...I do not know my eye anatomy well.HAHAHA) besarrrr macam awek katun jepun.HAHAHAH.I think it's the retina, tu sebab you cannot see anything and advise to have someone to accompany you to the appointment (or at least someone to drive you home).My MIL lepas bubuh the eyedrops, she look so cute, cam racoon.Besar comel jer mata dia.HAHAHAHAH.

    Kat sini, appointment mata kat hospital (public hospital that is), omg, macam party tahun baru.Ramaiiiiii gile.We'd be there almost half aday, but the best part?They serve you with coffee/tea or milo!True story.I guess because of the waiting, a lot of patients complain pelbagai, so teh only way to compensate is to shut us up with crappy coffee.

    Yes, crappy.How can someone gagal buat a simple Nescafe?Ask the person who did so at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Eye clinic on level 2.

    Anyway, hope your eye problem go away soon.I rindu ngan my mak mertua when I read your post.Anything related to an opthamologist that is.And her eye doctor is some chinese guy from JB pulak tu!


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