After brainstorming on wherrrrrrrrrrrrrrre-lah to go so the kids can run around, we ended up here:



Errr… I think this place is called Seri Empangan.

(Okay, Mr Google confirms that it IS indeed Taman Seri Empangan, Putrajaya)


Main attraction for the kids. Adreena was probably trying to figure out how to climb up. :)



“Mama ni, asyik2 nak ambik gambar. Cepat laaaa… Kakak nak main ni!” – pose senyum simpul.

(Adreena is STILL awed by the slides. Can you spot her?)


Afiq learned to cycle totally on his own. We took the training wheels off a few weeks ago as they were broken. He was afraid to cycle without them so I knew he stayed away from his bicycle ever since. But one day I got back from work, tiba2 he announced; “Mama.. Abang dah pandai dah naik basikal Abang. Tak payah roda kecik2 dah pun Abang dah boleh!” True enough, memang terus terror je. Deep down in my heart, ada terselit rasa sedih & sayu.. it’s like coming home one day to discover my baby has started walking and I wasn’t there to witness it. :(

Afiq sayang Mama... I am soooooooo proud of you!

(See that pink bicycle kat belakangggggggg Afiq in the most left picture? Mariessa abandoned her bicycle as soon as she saw the playground! :P)



Well, Adreena did what she knows best…. Walk!


Orang pegi kanan, dia pegi kiri…

Bila dah penat??



Ayah came to the rescue! :)

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