This morning while I was applying my makeup, I realized Mariessa & Adreena were both watching me with much interest. (My idea of ‘applying makeup’ is restricted to applying compact powder, lipstick and recently - blusher. Rasa dah advanced sgt la tu ada blusher tu, hehe).


Mariessa: Mama, bila Kakak umur berapa Kakak boleh pakai semua-semua ni?




Turned to my left, Adreena was pretending to apply lipstick on her lips using her finger.


Double Alamak!


These girls really do start early! Macam mana ni? Panic Mama!


* For the record, I was a really late bloomer when it comes to things like this. I bought my first lipstick when I was probably 23 or so, tu pun sebab dah start kerja and as I said earlier, my interest in blusher only started a few months back. Agaknya macam mana la nak melayan anak2 dara saya nanti.



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