We sent the kids to 443 last week for them to spend time with Atok and their cousins. They were really excited about it, tapi Mama as usual terlebih nervous. Hehe. Ayah cool lah macam biasa.. :P


Between the  5 of them (Kitreena, Edrick, Afiq, Mariessa and Adreena) and the two Bibiks, they had PS2, PS3, 2 IPods and Disney Channels all ready. Kids these days eh? Itu pun sempat diorg demand Uncle Lang belikan 2 bijik bola lagi! On the very first day they were there pulak tu. Macam2.


We sent them to 443 on Sunday and promised them we’ll come and pick them up the next Saturday. Baruuuuuuuu aje sampai kat 443.. Afiq terus tanya…”Mama, bila Mama Ayah nak balik Kajang?” Hish, tak sabar2.. kecikkkkkkkkkkk hati Mama.. :P


Shahril and I arrived in Kajang at 5pm, then it rained sooo heavily sampai Astro tak available. Out of boredom, I cooked dinner, lepas tu dah tak tau nak buat apa. Shahril tido. Men! :P Tinggal la saya sorang terkebil2…baru je sekejap dah mati kutu.


So that was a longggggggg 5 days for us. :) Sempat lah tengok Ombak Rindu (the 2 of us), Breaking Dawn (just me) and a few James Bond movies lama2 now playing on HBO. I have to admit that I’ve never watched any Bond movies earlier than Pierce Brosnan’s time, so they were actually… entertaining. Kelakar la tengok movie orang dulu2. Macam kartun pun ada, haha.


I called the kids a few times a day when they were at 443. One time I called at 8.30am, Afiq picked up the phone and told me that dia belum mandi lagi pagi tu which was quite surprising sebab selalunya pukul 7 diorg ni dah siap mandi. When I asked why…”Afiq sibuk main la Mama.. Mandi tu kejap2 lagi lah”. Hehehe..  Entah apa yang sibuk sgt entah.


On the 3rd night, Mariessa asked, “Mama.. Mama nak ambik Kakak hari ni ke?” Mama pun berbunga2 lah hati kan, anak rindu kat Mama… Bila I told her it’s going to be another 3 days… she answered, “Ohhh.. lagi 3 hari…Kakak ingatkan hari ni. Nasib baik bukan!” Nasib baik okay? Haiiii lah anak!


Adreena je la yang rajin nak cakap ngan Mama nya. I don’t understand most of what she’s saying but that’s not the point. :). By the 5th day though, her first question would be..”Mama, Mama nak apaaaaaa?”. Hehe



Adreena practising batu seremban coached by Atok.

They had a tournament on the 2nd last day they were there organized by ‘anke yam’ (Uncle Lang). :)


I’m glad we decided to send the kids over to 443. They obviously had so much fun! Tapi limit memang 5 hari tu lah, kalau lama2 sangat nanti jemu (Mama yang tak tahan sebenarnya, rindu!) Now that they’re back in Kajang, the house is alive again Alhamdulillah. :)

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