• It’s been an interesting week. Road is clearer than usual in the morning, but I see accident almost every morning. Langgar sampai bumper jatuh, kemalangan maut on Grand Saga on Wednesday morning and a flaming van on Cheras roundabout this morning.


  • Today is the last day of work for year 2011. Not that it makes any difference to me, really.


  • I am turning 34 in exactly in 4 days, InsyaAllah. A year wiser, Amin! :)


  • Orientation for Afiq’s primary school will be held on January 3rd. There’ll be some kind of an assessment test as well. I am naturally nervous about this. People told me not to worry. Akak told me I’m just putting pressure on Afiq, hehe. Isn’t that what mothers are supposed to do anyway? Hehehe


  • So far, we have only brought 2 pairs of school uniform for Afiq. Itu pun beli kat Jelebu. Lepas tu konon2 nak tengok harga kat KL (Mydin/Tesco etc). Tapi bila tengok, jauh lebih mahal. And what’s the hype about Canggih? The ones I bought at Jelebu cost me only RM8.50 per piece (white shirt) and RM17 for a dark blue pants. Cotton of good quality, can’t remember the brand. Bila tengok baju2 lain RM20 and above, rasa tak berbaloi nak beli. So, we’re going back to Jelebu tomorrow to buy 3 more pairs. Boleh ambik buah2an sekali.. I don’t eat durian, but Shahril, kids and Bibik love it.


  • Mariessa will resume at Little Caliphs on the 5th of January. Agak risau nak bagi anak dara sorang ni naik van without Afiq. But what can I do, kan?


  • We have successfully transferred Adreena to sleep in her own room since 2 weeks ago, thanks with the help of a baby monitor (thanks MomsterNins !). Dah 3 orang anak.. baru la nak invest in a baby monitor. Hehe. 2 nights after that, we transferred Afiq to his own room, separating him from the girls. His only complaint is, there’s no air-cond in his room. Looks like an air-cond (or 2 – one for the living room, hehe. Alang2 kan?) is making a comeback into our to-buy-list.


  • Oh, we are now Unifi-ed! :D TV has been on Boboiboy Youtube almost non stop, except last night. Shahril watched Maharaja lawak. :P I was happily and peacefully watching Castle on Astro downstairs. Yey


  • On the work front, I am recently given a new jobscope. One that’s finally making me feel more useful – as I said to the new boss. I hope to achieve what is expected of me (and more). At least when I leave, I’ll leave happy. (This leaving topic, is another matter that shall be discussed on another day. :) )


  • A question for mothers who have schooling children: What do you give them for bekal, if you do…and how much duit belanja do you give them? Can I just bekalkan Afiq with.. say a corn bun, an apple and bekal air? Kat kantin sekolah jual apa and what is the price range for kids’ food these days?


  • Another question: Anybody knows where I can donate clothes? I have plenty tapi tak tau nak hantar ke mana.
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  1. uncle gedek Says:

    34? mudanya!

    happy 'bird' day in advance!