Alhamdulillah, I turned 34 today.


What a milestone for me – seeing my first born going to school today. Time really flies, I know I keep saying that. But it’s just so true.


Started the day early as the 4 of us : Shahril, Afiq, Mariessa and I headed to Af'iq’s school. I decided Adreena is too young to join us, so she stayed home with Bibik. Arrived at the school at about 7.15 and  straight we went to the assembly area. As soon as I sent Afiq to where his (temporary) classmates were lining up, there was an announcement telling parents to clear the area and wait at the canteen (which is just a few metres away) instead. Let me just say that it’s ‘interesting’ to see how stubborn people are. Even after three of the same announcement, there were only probably 20 of us at the canteen. The rest 60 or so were still at the assembly area. It makes me wonder, how can we expect our children to listen to their teachers if we’re showing them otherwise?


Anyway, it was quite a long assembly. My just-turned-34-yr-old-and-pregnant hormones were acting funny. I was tearing at the simplest things, like hearing the national anthem! I can’t even remember how long has it been since I last heard it live. It reminded of the time when I used to be the one standing in front. I also realized that it was my first time hearing the Selangor’s song. They were 2 other songs, one of which was the school song. The other one was the Gemilang song I think. Quite interesting song if I may say so.


NL While waiting for the assembly to end, we had nasi lemak at the school canteen.

The portion was big for a RM1 nasi lemak, but the sambal is oh so pedas!


Dipendekkan cerita yang panjang, the standard one students were later divided into new classes based on the test they took yesterday. It was called Ujian Diagnostik. When I asked Afiq yesterday,


Mama: Macam mana test tadi, Abang?

Afiq: Senanggggg je Mama. Semua jawapan Abang betul!
Mama: Eh? Mana Abang tau jawapan Abang betul?

Afiq: Sebab Abang semak semua jawapan Abang!

:). Gotta love that confidence, eh? ;)


SKSI (1)

Afiq on the orientation day. “Hari ni memang terbaikkkkk lah, Mama” was his exact words. :)


I have to admit that I was nervous to find out his new class. During the taklimat given by the headmaster yesterday, we were told that 1X will be the ‘weakest’ class. I’m not sure if the other 3 classes were ranked too, but as far as I am concerned, I was just hoping that Afiq will not be in 1X. First the teacher announced the list of names for 1W. No Afiq. Next was 1Y. Still No Afiq. (I was getting paler and paler). Then the teacher announced the names for 1X. Alhamdulillah, No Afiq. :) Afiq is put in 1Z (bukan nama sebenar, of course) along with some of his Little Caliphs friends. I could breathe properly then. :). I might be exaggerating it, but I am a mother. That should explain it. Kan? :)


Next was looking for a bus that would send Afiq home. Alhamdulillah, dipermudahkan semuanya. Found Pakcik Fuad, introduced Afiq to him and let Afiq took the bus home while we tailed the bus very, very closely. :D


Fast forward to 8pm, Afiq was supposed to start his KAFA (long story why we enrolled him for night KAFA class) tonight while Mariessa starts her Qiraati at the same time, but when we went to the school, we were told KAFA and Qiraati will only start next week. So Shahril took kids and I to McDonalds instead.


Parking was full, so after dropping us off at McD’s entrance, Shahril parked the car by the roadside.


After 45 minutes or so at McD, we decided to go home. Sampai aje kat Savvy, Shahril saw that tingkap belakang Savvy kena pecah! Mungkin sebab beg sekolah KAFA Afiq was on the back seat, agaknya pencuri ingat beg notebook agaknya. This is the first time for us (hopefully the last), so naturally we are a little shaken by this incident. Alhamdulillah, aside from the bag (a very simple bagpack, nothing fancy), a writing pad and a pencil case (2 pencils, a ruler, a sharpener and an eraser inside), nothing else were missing. Alhamdulillah.


I didn’t realize how badly kids (Afiq and Mariessa) were affected by this until we got home. Afiq was shaking when he asked for a glass of water. Mariessa was really pale and didn’t want to go anywhere by herself. Sedih bila tengok anak2 ketakutan macam ni. It’s a gentle reminder I know, semoga Allah sentiasa melindungi kita semua dari sebarang niat jahat, InsyaAllah.


So that was how the day went. It wasn’t just filled with good things, but it was full of emotions: pride, sadness, happiness and fear which makes it as a whole – bittersweet, thus perfect. Thank you for all your wishes (mostly via FB) and doa. I truly appreciate each and everyone of them. Hopefully with another year added to my life, I have and will continue to strive to be the best that I can, in everything that I am – a muslimah, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an employee, an employer, a neighbour and a friend.

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  1. mirah Says:

    happy belated birthday dear.. :)
    Moga sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah.