To avoid the part that I hate the most in cooking i.e. thinking of what to cook, I plan the menu on a weekly basis. Okay I actually drag everyone to the small white board I have in the kitchen and ask them what they would like to eat next week. This is done either on Friday night or very early on Saturday morning before we go to the pasar tani.

Panjangnya mukaddimah cerita cekodok.

Aaanyway, last week Shahril put in cekodok (pisang) as today's breakfast. (When we were small, my brother called this cucur hitam for obvious reason. So yesterday, we went looking for bananas, and Shahril bought a huge bunch of it.

The nice guy that he is, he even mashed the bananas and keep it in the fridge before we went to bed. You can tell he's excited for cekodok now, can't you?

So we had cekodok for breakfast. Afiq originally wanted to bring a small box of Frosties as his 'bekal' to school today, but changed his mind when he saw I was making cekodok. Even Mariessa wanted to bring some to school.

After school, Afiq told me that the cekodok was really good. Mariessa said, " Memang sedap kan, bang. Kawan- kawan Kakak berebut tadiiii, nak makan cekodok yang Kakak bawak!" Then Afiq said, "Terror la Mama buat cekodok, sedap betul "

It's just cekodok, really. But today, cekodok really made my day.
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