I was happily sleeping (who's not happy sleeping anyway?) yesterday afternoon when my phone rang. I looked at the screen, it was an unfamiliar number.

"uhhhh... Hello" <- had to clear my throat first before I could finally said Hello. I was in deep slumber, really.
"Naik atas, naik atas" (go up, go up) , said the lady on the line and she hung up.

I was left wide awake, and dazzled. Go up, where? There's no "up" in my house. Plus, even if there is, why would a stranger asked me to go up? I tried my best to remember what day it was. I thought it was Sunday.. was it really Sunday? 5 minutes later, I was assured that it was REALLY Sunday, and we (Hubby, Lil Afiq and me) were taking an afternoon nap. If it were any other days, the "go up" summon would have made a little more sense. Maybe it was one of the officers calling me to go up to look after their system. But even if that was the case, they would have introduced themselves first.

I decided to go back to sleep after telling myself that it was probably someone who has got her numbers mixed up. (But I really don't understand just how anyone could dial a wrong number from a mobile phone, like don't you have your friend's number in the memory, and don't you know when you dial the RIGHT number, the person's name would appear instead of the number? Hmmm ). Not even 5 minutes later, my mobile phone rang again. This time from a fixed line. 03-XX.

"Hello?" <- Now i know she is actually CAPABLE of saying hello!
"Yes, hello", said I.
"Ni sapa?" Don't you just hate it when people call you, on your mobile phone some more, and asked who YOU are?
"You're the one who call me, who are YOU?" i can't stand stupid questions so i was obviously irritated.
"Cikgu Din ada? Cikgu Din!" <- Now i am confirmed, that this lady is a rude one. Can't you just speak a little nicely? I am far from being a Din, and definitely am not a teacher. Nor is Hubby.
"Sorry, I think you dialed a wrong number lah", said I, sweetly if i may add. ;-)
"Ni 019xxxxx ke", she asked, it was MY number alright.
"Huh, takpelah!!" and she hung up again. I think she has to learn to communicate better.

I waited for 5 minutes, to see whether she would call again. She did!! And this time, when she heard me saying hello, she hung up on me for the 3rd time! Again i wonder, didn't she KNOW that I knowwwww she was the one who called before? I mean, didn't she know that the caller number's appears on the screen? Some dumb lady. And yes, at that point of time I was already annoyed.
30 minutes later, another unfamiliar number called. Some people never give up, do they? I picked up the phone and said nothing.
- a few seconds of silence-
"..... Helllo?" she finally said it.
"Yes.. hello", said I.. not so sweetly anymore.
"Bidin ada?" Ya Allah, tak faham faham ke dia ni?
"Kan tadi u dah call? You've got the wrong number", i tried to not be so rude now.
"Macam mana boleh salah nombor?" she asked. Bodoh betul, how am i supposed to know? Doink!
"I dont know. But this is MY number and saya tak kenal mana mana Bidin pun!"
"Oklah oklah" . Huh? Dia yang marah kita balik?

And for the 4th and the last time, she hung up on me. She definitely doesn't know how to say the simple "Bye" or better still "I'm sorry".

I hope she'll find her Bidin real soon and stop calling me. And if YOUR name is Bidin, do me a favor please. Please call any of your friends who has the potential to be rude like that and give her your real number, will you? Thank you.
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