My contract with the company I'm working for is going to expire in 3 months. Time flies so fast. Sedar2 aje, it's going to be 2 years this October.

I don't know what awaits me next. There'll be a meeting tomorrow, between us the contractual staff, and the bosses. From what I've heard, no one will be terminated. But whether or not I'll be offered to be a permanent staff is the main issue for me. I like working here. The job, the people (my colleagues, not our clients.. hehe). Being in a technical team obviously leaves me with lots of time in my hand. When we are busy, we could be spending the night in the office. But when we are not, which is 80% the case, we are left with not much to do. Well, nothing to do except surfing the net, blog, etc etc etc. Yes, my clients would sometimes call me on a Saturday, or Sunday and I sometimes have to go to the office then. But even one hour in the office on those days entitles me to take a day off, who's complaining?

I'll just hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Wish me luck!!


We're going home to Hubby's hometown this weekend. Wan has not been well lately. She was hospitalized last week for high blood pressure. It's only right that we go and visit her this weekend as we didnt go back last week. I am extremely fond of her. She's one of those elderly ladies that you just love from the start. She's so adorable. She packs all sorts of things everytime we go back. Mostly from her garden. Cili api, bendi, daun kucai ( I so love daun kucai, i dont know why. She knows it and she will make sure I'll bring some home, everytime), terung you name it. Oh tempoyak too. She has a stock of tempoyak, penuh satu freezer!!

I think age is finally taking its toll on her. I dread the moment. I know Hubby feels the same way too. Wan and arwah Atok raised Hubby when Hubby's dad passed away when Hubby was only a kid. Mak was left with Hubby.. then 5, his brother 4 and his youngest sis, only 2 then. So Wan and Arwah Atok took Hubby to ease Mak's burden. I didnt have the chance to meet Arwah Atok but I am sure he was a fine man. On my first trip to Hubby's hometown, Wan spoke of Arwah Atok with so much love. She misses him so.

I'm excited to balik kampung. Wan says it's musim durian. Erk. I dont eat durian. I do eat tempoyak though.


It's so boring now, at work. I'm left alone. My boss went outstation. The technician is on MC for 2 days. So I'm alone. Dead bored.

I just can't get more creatiove than this. Gotta stop. I'm killing myself just thinking of what to write.

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