It's our last day with Honda.. AND Wira. Yes, we've decided to let both cars go. From tomorrow onwards, Waja will be the new member of our small family. If we can survive with just one car, we'll probably stick to that for as long as we can. If not, we'll add a smaller member to the family soon. I'm hoping things will go just fine with us having just one car. Other people can do it, why not us? I am extremely looking forward to not having to pay good money monthly for the car. And to a certain extend, the idea of "bersusah-susah sikit" for the time being is, errr for the lack of a better word, nice. I don't want us to feel so senang that we are afraid to feel susah. That's always the case isn't it? You won't miss what you never had. I don't want to have so many things now, I want to feel the struggle, so I will always appreciate the things I own. Gosh.. I hope I won't miss not having my very own car.

As funny as it may sound like, both me and my husband are not exactly happy to have our new car tomorrow. Deep down I feel guilty. Guilty if I were happy to have a new car, and letting Wira go. I know Hubby feels the same way too. But like he said, cars are just "things". There are so many other important matters than just "things". I know. But can't help feeling sad all the same.

On a lighter, and much happier note, we finally made a reservation for our very first holiday. It's going to be in September and I am soooooo looking forward to that. Afiq's first trip via air. Yey!

Ah, the weekend is here. Finally. Can stay home, and do nothing. Have a good weekend, everybody!!

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