We are going balik kampung to Jolobu tomorrow. It's musim buah, and it's hard to resist from balik kampung. Not that I'ma ll that crazy about fruits anyway. Just for the fun of it.

The last we went back to Jelebu was 2 weeks ago. That was Wira's last long distance journey with us. It was actually the first time we took Wira back instead of Honda, but last 2 weeks we didn't think Honda was fit for the journey.

For the first time in my life, I went to a dusun durian to kutip durian. Have never ever done that. Despite my being demam, I thot it was just something I don't want to miss. So we went, me and Hubby. Of course we can't take Afiq along. Gilo apo? It was fun allright, despite my running nose. It was fun watching Hubby climbing the pokok langsat too. How very de macho! Hehe. Hubby says I looked like taiko kampung.. with the oversized pants.. and the cap.

We took some fruits back. And I had a tough time trying to get rid of the durian smell in Wira. Thanks to those who invented Febreeze. It actually works! I got rid of the smell, justttt before we sent Wira to the shop.

So I told Hubby, we will NOT take any durian back this time. NO.. NO.. Plus I dont eat durian anyway. Langsat yes, rambutan yes, manggis OH YESS!! durian NO. Hubby says ok. Yey.. Sapa tak sayang kereta baru ye tak? Echewah!!

Hubby is obviously excited about going home tomorrow. It's like showing his new toys. Hmm.. there's a boy in every man, yes?

I bought a FujiFilm digital camera online 2 days ago. I actually went crazy and bidded online, and (obviously) WON! So far I still think it's worth it. Very very handy. Next is to buy a rechargable battery set. The camera eats up battery like crrrrazy! Once i get the battery.. I'll be snapping pictures..like crrrrrraaazyyy!!

Happy weekends, people. Be good!!
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