There is absolutely nothing wrong with my old blog. Well, if you can call it a blog - I probably have written some 10 or maybe 15 entries. That's quite an achivement, really. I dont know what makes me stop writing and i am more puzzled as to what makes me want to start writing again. I envy those people who seems to be able to write so effortlessly. People who makes everyday routine seems soooo much fun. People who have no problem whatsoever in expressing their inner thoughts and feelings. Me? I have SOOOO many things to say. and talk about, but i absolutely have no flair for writing. O well..

Annnnnnyway... it's my 8th day of work, after a long long long break. 60 day-leave. Yup.. maternity leave. I gave birth to a beauuuuuuuuuutiful baby boy. On the first week of the maternity leave, i remember thinking.."60 days off.. that's like eternity!" But time flies so fast when you're having fun. The next thing i know.. i'm back in the office, albeit reluctantly. AND was greeted with a to-do-list from my boss who was on leave. What a list. Until No 12 i tell ya!!

Life has definitely changed since Afiq joined our little family 67 days ago. I honestly didnt think i was capable of doing "it" all.. you know.. those things mothers do. Diaper change, feeding, figuring out the reason babies cry. Those things. I thought i was not meant to be. I still have my doubts which probably will be an entirely different entry later, but i found out much to my relief that to a certain extend, I AM capable. Yeyyy!!!

I will write more soon. I hope. ;-). I need to keep my thoughts, written somewhere. There are just too many in my head as it is. There are certain things, emotions, that I sooo wish I could keep on feeling. Like this over flowing love i felt this morning for Afiq, when he smiled sooo innocently as i reach for him... or how very grateful I am for having a husband who had stayed up literally all night looking after Afiq who didnt want to sleep, just because i was having a tummy-ache although he had just came back from a day-trip to Labuan. A simple act like that reminded me of how truly lucky I am, to be loved by this man. And how much in love I am with him. Blessed, I am.

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