When Mariessa was born, we taught Afiq how to pronounce her name. Apinaaaaa maaaa kiii chaaa!

From then on, the 'kicha' part never really went away, even after Afiq could say it better. Now it's Afinaaa Maaaghiisha! Close! I like calling her kicha kicha! :).

She can say a few words now, like.. Maaa.. Aiyah, kakak (my maid), nak nak nak when she wants something. Oh, and Aida! Aida is actually a girl who lives across the street. For some reason, she likes calling out to this Aida. Pegi kat pintu depan je, she'll call out, "Aidaaaaa! Aidaaaa!"

She loves, loves, loves climbing the stairs. We've put a safety gate at the bottom of the stairs. That one, pantang terbukak aje. Senyap2.. dah sampai halfway. Nasib baikkkk her anklet ada loceng2. So boleh tau dia kat mana. :)

Now dah boleh give her simple instructions to follow. Like : Chaaa.. take your bottle to kakak. (after feeding) - she'll go hand her botol susu to my maid. Or, "cha... go buang sampah" - she'll go buang sampah into the dustbin kat dapur. Best ada anak dara boleh suruh2.. Muahahaaaa... Can't wait til the day i can say.. "chaaa... can you please cook dinner tonight? Mama's tired" Kuang kuang kuang.

Hahhh? Cook dinner?

I'm one happy Mama.. :)

Muka keliru...

Birthday party is one tiring event, i know sweetheart.
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  1. Ash Says:

    Akak, how are you? lama tak dengar kabar. Happy birthday to Mariessa! Comel lah diaaaaaaaa..... Kisses to Afiq, too.:-)