* I'm excited sebab baruuu dapat gambar2 masa bday party hari tu. Banyakkkkk sesgt gambar that i like.. so kena letak sikit2. Hari ini mungkin hari yg bersejarah.. sebab most probably i'll have more than... errr... two entries... haha..

Everywhere we go, dari dia kecikkkk sampai la sekarang, mesti ada org stop us and say... cutenya diaaaa (dulu..) or cantiknya diaaa (now) or any ayat2 yang sewaktu dengannya.. and it's really no wonder why... buktinya? here:


Ni muka x puas hati... :)

I told her not to touch the cake... so when she did this, i said.. " i told you not to touch the cake, right?" She answered... "but i just want to touch the doll???" ok.. kalah!

She was Mariessa's cake No 1 fan that day. For obvious reason. Why, it's a princess!!

The prettiest, wittiest lil girl i know!

Favourite cousins.. half of the time, they don't act so though. Haha
2 Responses
  1. fara / ly-d Says:

    ainil!! my daughter loves princesses too. and she kinda saw one other blog entry showing picture of a princess cake. bleh fwd me the contact details of the bakery yg prepared mariessa's cake?

  2. Serene Says:

    Ly-d... thanks for dropping by. :)! I bet you, kalau your daughter jumpa kitreena, mesti happening punya lah princess party! We call her princess all the time!

    Both the cakes tu i bought kat bakery depan my house je actually. Jauh la pulak kalau u nak order all the way kat kajang kan? Heheh.. But i tell you, there are a LOT of home based bakers yang buat doll cakes now. Laaaaaagi cantik! I can give you the links if you want. I wanted to order from one in Pandan Indah ke Keramat ke initially but she wasnt around on the date that i wanted it. Maybe you could try her since dekat ngan your area kan? Let me know if you want the links k?