Today, last year I was already at the hospital - it was my due date and I was in great pain. We've come to the hospital the day before but decided to go home again when the pain went away. We decided to let Afiq and my maid stay at my sister's place anyway. That night, we went to Jusco to jalan2 (konon2 nak senangkan labor) and sempat la makan kat Laksa Shack. Too bad the branch we went to didn't have laksam. Can't remember what I had instead.

4 a.m April 2nd, the pain became unbearable. I do not remember any pain at all during Afiq's time (honestly). Not until the doctors induced me lah at least. But this time, it was ohhh sooo painful! We went to the hospital right after Subuh, I was told that my gynae was on holiday, but the other doctor was around. I was a little nervous by that, but berserah je lah. And then the waiting game began.

This time, penantian itu is more more than satu penyeksaan, i tell you! When the doctor checked, i was only more or less 3cm dilated. 2 hours after that, it was still the same. But the pain? Ohhh myyyy.... it got more intense each time.

By 1 pm, (finally!) ada progress sikit. 5cm. I reminded the nurse that I want, want, want, the epidural. Ok, so my threshold of pain is very, very low if it exists at all. But really.. sakit ooooo.

So at about 2pm they wheeled me into the labor room. I dont know whether it was the aircond, or maybe it was just me, but i felt really really cold. And then I panicked! I was s
hivering like mad when the aneasthetist was about to give me the epidural jab. Shahril had to hold me real tight. That was, the scariest point of the whole drama actually.

When the magic kicked in, all the pain was gone. And waiting game no.2 began.. sans the pain of course. I was then told that my gynae is back from his holiday, (yey!) and he'll be the one receiving my baby. Alhamdulillah.

I don't remember much what happened then, mostly because i was already too exhausted by then. I remember almost falling asleep even. :) At 4 plus, the nurses told me that it was time and so they called the gynae to the labor room.

I'd rather not go through all the glory details of the labor, because frankly... still rasa ngilu thinking about it. So to cut the story short... after a few pushes (maybe 4-5 times) , and 4 times snip snip snip snip (ok, so this is part of the ngilu part i did NOT want to mention, hehe) and with the help of the vaccum thingy, suddenly.... woooossshhhh!!! there she was!!! I think the time was 4.43 or 4.45. (Have to check her birth cert)

I think at that time Shahril was momentarily stunned. Not by the baby, but by the 'wooossshhh!!' spill. Maybe 'wooosshhhh' is too gentle to describe it. Maybe it was more like a...'boooosshhhhh!!!' kinda thing. It was, after all, our first time on normal delivery. With Afiq, there was no push, so there was no booooosshhhh!!! In other words, with Afiq, it was less messy-lah. :). That, i can say is the major difference (for me) between Caesarian section & normal birth.

Annyywayyy.. my first thought when I saw her was... how she looks exactly like Afiq. :) Shahril thinks otherwise though. "She looks like Ummi! (my mom)" . My mom was of course beaming with pride when we told her this.

And today... exactly a year later, my lil baby is 1!

And to my darling Afreena Mariessa, you're everything I ever imagined a daughter would be, and more. I pray that I will be with you on many, many, MANY birthdays to come.

During aqiqah, and after dibotakkan.

Less botak - at about 4-5 months

Around 6-8 months.. can sit , & very chubby
Dah pandai senyum kat camera... 8-10 months
Gigi ada 6 batang now.. and flashes this cheeky grin everytime ambik gambar

Drama queen jugak.. if you look closely can see air mata ngada2..

Starts walking at 11.5 months. Terkedek2 but laju!

Happy 1st Birthday sayang Mama...