While browsing through the many pictures I have, baru teringat that I wanted to do an entry about us going to kebun2 durian to (obviously) kutip durian a few weeks back. Between my husband, his mom, his Wan and his uncles, they have a few kebuns scattered around the kampung. When we went back, it was almost the end of musim durian already. So tak lah byk sgt 'hasil'nya. Not that I mind anyway. I eat NO durian. Tempoyak, YES! Durian- No. Dodol yang perisa durian tu -No. Santan Durian / Serawa (?) - Yes. Weirdly picky, I know.

Annnyyywaaay... First we went here. It's extremely curam here. Can see a smaaaaall stream down there. That's my MIL in brown tudung. Nampak tak? Betul, adaaa! Kat bawahhhhhh nun. I stay kat atas only. Hehe.

First kutipan dah byk ni. Yang betul2 elok, makan. The rest - buat tempoyak. Oh trust me, Wan (Shahril's granma) punya stock tempoyak... 2 tahun belum tentu habis! Ada freezer KHAS for tempoyak ok? Kalau jual lah, we'll be tempoyak millionaire!

Next, is my favourite, favourite, favourite place.

I don't need to explain why, do I?

Have I told you that this is my favourite place?

Ok, What do you think Shahril is up to, here?

Can you find him?


Now, THIS is the reason why I only stayed at this side of the stream. Confession time: ME. PHOBIA. TITI. No macho me. I know.

Isn't this like the most subur pokok cempedak you've ever seen? Well, it is for me! Maybe we can be cempedak millionaire next. Once we've succeeded with the tempoyak, of course.

This was the last kebun we went to.

The last 2 durians for the trip. Alhamdulillah

Last2, penuh boot Waja tu dengan durian, langsat & cempedak. After that it took me berpuluh2 helai daun pandan, and beribu2 semburan Febreeze to get rid of the smell. Pening kepala, first sebab bau durian yang sgt harum itu... later sebab bau durian + daun pandan + febreeze. Fikir pun dah pening!

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