The whole day yesterday, all I could think about was 1) baking something. Anything. I just need to bake. 2) Our upcoming trip to Labuan and KK, which I am soooo excited about.

So i surfed, and surfed.. looking for a recipe that looks promising enough. And I found this. After dinner terus buat this muffin sambil sekejap2 lari gi tengok The Amazing Race Asia 3 on TV. This muffin is said to taste exactly like Kenny Roger's Vanilla (Original) Muffin. Thing is, the only muffin I remember (and loved dearly) from Kenny Roger's is their Corn Muffin which is no longer available. What a shame. Sedap giler itu muffin. Annnyyyway, the muffin turned out good albeit too sweet for me. Itu pun dah reduced from the recipe. Next time have to reduce the sugar some more.

Muffin ni tersangatttlah senangnya nak buat. Ingredients are simple, method is even simpler. And to have the whole house smelling of Vanilla, is just divine!

I added chocolate rice, so that it wouldn't be so plain. Plan to send some to Afiq's school.

The in-house muffin critic. Yey! I passed! His eyes sparkled when I told him to bring some for his friends the next day.

Am looking forward to our trip down south tomorrow for a wedding. Just feel like travelling jauh2 sikit with the kids. Come January, we'll be going to the only state in Malaysia that I haven't gone to - Sabah. Got a really good deal from MAS. Can't wait!

For now, all I could think of.. is to get some sleep. A sweet dream would be good to lift my spirit a little. Been feeling down, and unsettled for some reason. I am exhausted and I don't actually know why.

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  1. la Signora Says:

    omg, comelnye your in-house muffin critique!!!kids and muffins are like two peas in a pod.i often bake some mini-muffins for signore's nieces (before i had the crazy kitty).now, i find all my energy is focused on the four-legged-flea circus (yes, he still had fleas walaupun dimandikan 2x!).but i think it's a good trial (to prepare me for kids).and i've company!whee!