In a few minutes, I'll be going home.. to fetch the children and the maid, and then we're going to LCCT. Am sending my maid back for cuti.. for, let's see.... 44 days! (Mcm org dalam pantang pulak bunyi nya, hehe).

As much as I think it will be chaotic from now on, I am actually looking forward to this. To do everything my way albeit the kelam kabut that comes with it, I'm sure.

Print out the list of things to be put inside the children's bag every morning so we wont forget anything. Check.

Plan and jot down everyday schedule. What time to wake up (earlier by half an hour), when to do laundry, ironing and what nots. Check.

Prepare mentally to do house chores. Check. (prepare ok, prepare.. One can only hope. hehe)

I am excited. It's a little funny I know. It's not like I don't have a good relationship with my maid. I do. She's ok. We get along well. Ada la masa rasa nak marah, of course.. but nama pun manusia kan. Tambah yang jenis temperature mudah naik, like moi. Haha.. But yes, I'm looking forward.

The only setback is.. I am sooooooo not looking forward to lipat baju.. and lebih2 lagi gosok baju. Oh tidak!!!

Any volunteers? Momster? Hahahahah...

Woopss.. Shahril's here. Chiow!

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  1. The Momster Says:

    I can be a PAID lipat baju volunteer, but ironing, let's just send it to the dobi ok? hehehe...