It was definitely one heck of a week, right after I wrote my last entry. Like I said, I was looking forward to go for a picnic on Saturday in Ulu Kalong, but the night before the picnic, Afiq suddenly developed a fever. First we thot, sikit je lah. But on Saturday morning, right before we went to Ngah's place to berkumpul before going, Afiq was scratching his body, all over. Rashes naik. Badan pun naik merah. Never happened before.

So we went to Ngah's place, send some things there, just in case we cannot make it. Went to Klinik Mesra in Bangi. Dipendekkan cerita, the temp was 39C! And the Dr said, the rashes 'came' out because of the high temperature.

After discussing it for a while, we decided we could still go to the picnic. Kot2 lah Afiq will feel better kan. Usually he's like that.. bila dah bagi ubat.. terus hilang sakit.

Ulu Kalong was nice! Best sgt! The chalet was simple, tapi best. Air sungai dia.. laaagi best! But Afiq didn't get better. After probably 2 hours, we decided to bring him to KPMC instead.

Kat KPMC.. Dr checked, still very high temp. Put him on drips because he was already dehydrated (refused to eat & drink). And he was given an injection for the rashes to stop him scracthing. Mula2 tu OK.. but baru je habis separuh the drip, he started to garu2 again.. and the temp went up. So Dr kata, kena admit. By then, i think it was 8 pm or so.

After settling in, Mariessa & I went back to pack for Shahril &
Afiq. Then tapau-ed dinner (had to wait for an hour, tension betul! Kena sound 2-3 round cashier tu, nasiblah. Dah kena pangkah itu restoran Cik Kiah). Had dinner in the hospital room. Went back home with Mariessa at about midnight. Mmg penat!

Next day, Alhamdulillah Afiq was discharged. Terus elok! So dapat la kitorg balik Jelebu for Raya Haji.

Ptg raya Haji, balik Kajang semula. Next morning I flew off
to Kuching. Flight was delayed for an hour. Work in Kuching was ok, thank God. But the moment I got to Kuching, start batuk2. Came back to KL on Thursday night. Penat and not feeling well.

Batuk batuk batuk the whole weekend. Bangun2 pagi isnin.. Mata pulak merah2! Pegi KPMC.. dapat MC.

Hah.. mengingatkannya pun penat! But despite the pegi sana pegi sini, we're doing just fine. For the first few days tu, rasa mcm buat laundryyyyy je non-stop. Byk betul! Laundry and ngemas, takde lah lain. Funny, but so far I've enjoyed ironing the clothes as well! Folding not so much. Maybe it's because of the new iron. (Dont ask what happened to the old one. Not my fault, really. Honestly. Hehe). Takde baju2 berlonggok dalam bakul ok? I'm sooo proud of myself. Yey Me!!!

Am looking forward to hopefully an uneventful weekend. I'm still coughing badly. Shahril, Afiq and Mariessa are starting. Sigh!. My voice is so serak & sexy now. Nak cakap pun susah.

Some not-so-recent pictures of Afiq & Mariessa, to brighten
up this otherwise mundane entry.

Gotong royong dua beradik

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  1. afidalina Says:

    salam k ainil. k peah is in hukm (ingat x, dia senior u batch ur freshie sis besa). anything i can help?! (i posted this comment dekat bawah entry 'ummi' you. takut k ainil x seda so i reposted the comment.)