I'm happy and proud to report that so far we're doing extremely well. :)
I know it has only been one day (being maidless), saja je ngada2. Kasik can la k? ;)

My maid's flight was delayed from 1850 to first 2110 and later 2145. We waited until she has gone through the immigration and then we left LCCT. By the time we get to Ngah's house, it was already 8pm. It's still (very) early by general standard I know.. but for us, it's considered a little late.By 'us' I mean.. Shahril, me and the children. We don't really go to bed THAT early-lah.. but usually.. by 8pm or so, o
n weekdays that is, we'll already be in the bedroom playing with the children while trying to catch the news... or.. sometimes, all of us will already be asleep. Tu sebab kalau lepas pukul 8 je.. mata masing2 pun dah kuyu.

Am looking forward to tomorrow's picnic with 443 cla
n. Dah lamaaaaaa tak pegi picnic. We're going back to Jelebu on Sunday and coming back to Kajang on Monday. Then on Tuesday I have to leave for Kuching until Thursday for work. This will be the first time Shahril is going to handle Afiq & Mariessa alone for 3 days! I'm pretty sure everything will be fine. Bonding time with the children eh? :)

And I'm very, very sure... I'll be missing them terribly. These two dan bapaknya juga.

Have a good longer-than-usual weekend, peeps. Selamat Menyambut Aidil Adha. :)

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