Yesterday, after my family finished our Yasin recital, I decided to let myself feel. Akak, Ngah, Alang, Ipik and Uteh were trying to get Ummi to stand up. And I just sat there, on the chair by the bed. Could not move. Could not speak. I kept thinking, when was the last time I had a real hug from Ummi? When? WHEN?

And that makes me angry! Why are there soooo many things in my life that I cannot remember? And then it makes me sad, trying to remember how it felt to be hugged by Ummi. Not me hugging her. I thought I can feel the warmth, but I just don't remember.

My sisters remember better:
Akak remembers.
Ngah does too

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  1. ruslin Says:

    Ainil, doa untuk your mother...