My Celcom line was barred at about 9pm last night. At least that was when I tried making a call and realized that it was barred! Dah la bar pasal 3 ringgit, tak ikut timing pulak tuh! The sms specifially said that I have to pay within 1 day to avoid barring, and that sms was sent to me at 10.43 AM... aik... 9PM dah bar? Sehari tu.. ada 12 jam je in CelcomLand?

I actually made my payment dah pun at 4PM semalam through RHB online banking. But that will take some time to reach Celcom system lah kan, so i thought, lantak lah. Malas nak bising2. Buang masa & tenaga. It's their loss anyway.

Sampai ofis this morning, baruuuu je plan nak call their Helpless-line tu, tengok2 dah boleh make calls out. Nasib baikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Kalau tak, entahkan adaaaa yang kena sembur pagi2 ni.

Anyway.. switching to a much better mood and skies, I'd like to say... It's a beauuuuutiful day! Hehe. tak semena2 dak?

Happy 34th Birthday to my husband dearest. Semoga panjang umur, murahhhhh rezeki. InsyaAllah. It feels soooo wonderful to be able to give him a birthday present much, much more precious than anything money can buy. I love you!

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