(ala-ala suci dalam debu… kuang3)

I am supposed to be on leave today. But due to a meeting that was scheduled today, like a responsible person that I am (still in appraisal mode, hence the masuk bakul statement), I postponed my leave to next week. 30 freaking minutes before the scheduled meeting, it got cancelled!

Sakit tak sakit hati????

Oleh sebab itu, saya isytiharkan hari ni sebagai hari saya bercuti di ofis. Yey Me!!

Some pictures, untuk menyejukkan hati yang panassssss. ;)

anak3collageNgah said she thinks Adreena looks different from Afiq & Mariessa. What do you think?  Cer teka which one is Afiq/Mariessa/Adreena?


Kanak2 riang atas pelamin. Anak sapaaaa lah ni?


One is more excited than the other, actually. Susah nak dapat mood Mariessa posing2 mcm ni. :)


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8 Responses
  1. noordinarymomster Says:

    I think all 3 look the same, seriously! :P

    Mariessa looks really chic with short hair! Love it!

  2. Aunty Mas Says:

    Puji mek Kicha ni...kalau bertentang mata, "Ek" pun tak kuor. Bodek lah macam mana pun. Kalau dah jauh, teringat sokmo ke Aunty Mas ni, ada je benda nak cakap walaupun it's just "Aunty Mas, kita kat sini!"

    Hehe... But kembang kuncup hati I ni anak buah teringat kat I tau. :)

    Ok let me teka.Sekali tengok, memang sama monei je balake-lake nye tapi.

    1st pic is Kicha, coz I rasa macam muka I je :P
    2nd is Adreena coz when she sleeps, she really sleeps heheh.
    3rd is Abang Afiq, coz dalam tido pun cool je.

    Tapi for sure, mata sume 'one-liner' je. :D

  3. Enida Says:

    KaCher! I got it right the first time teka oso! Hehehehe.

    Lil Sis,
    I can tell! I can tell! And that is without looking at the most perfect ears I have ever seen in my entire life on Afiq tu!

    La la la la la life is good!

    I've been thinking, if I call mine Monchies, their cousins will be Conchies from now on.

    Hugs to me Conchies!

  4. naziah Says:

    suka la aku tgk gambo2 diorg! anak2 mu sume gebu2 belaka...

  5. Serene Says:

    Nins... I'm loving her hair too. Easy on the eyes. Hahah...

    Shahril's cousin's first reaction to Mariessa's hair was.."eh macam julia ziegler lah!" hahaha.

  6. Serene Says:

    heheh... I knew you were going to get it right. :). Now every night mesti Kicha tanya, "Mama, Aunty Mas dah tidor ke?" Even if say yes, that wouldn't stop her from asking me to call you anyway. Heheheh..

  7. Serene Says:

    Conchies.. right on!!

    Speaking of the perfect ear, I tak ambik2 lagi gambar telinga Adreena for you to see ek? eheheh.. Nanti lah, I ambik, then buat comparison k? Muahahah...

  8. Serene Says:

    Ziah... gebu... hmmm I wonder where the gebu-ness comes from... NOT! :D

    But like Afiq, dulu kecik2 very gebu... now tinggal tulang sudah, just like the dad. :)

    You busy with the business eh? Will definitely go there during my work visit to KK soon. :D