Last Sunday, lepas mandi:

Mariessa: Mama, kakak dah besar la Mama, kakak tak payah pakai diapers dah! Kakak dah pandai ‘chin’ kat ‘tailet’.

So dengan berdebar2nya, we let her go diaper-less lah for the day. Padahal dah lamaaaa dah we’ve been trying to pujuk her into going diaper-less.

And walla, NO Accidents! :)

Balik from nursery semalam:

Mariessa: Mama, tadi kat sekolah (nursery), kakak tak pakai diaperssssssssss!!! (sambil moncong2 ni)  Kakak pandaaaaaiiiii!!

2 days and NO accidents!


Note to Ngah: Somehow, this reminds me of Kitreena. Tak nak tak nak try something new… tiba2 one day terus terror je kan? Sooooo Kitreena betul tak?

The past 2 nights jugak, tiap2 malam Mariessa suruh call Aunty Mas. Sebabnya, dia nak nyanyi lagu Happy Birthday to Aunty Mas. Padahal dah nak dekat sebulan dah lepas birthday Aunty Mas nya! Instead of ‘Happy Birthdayyyy to you….” she will sing “Hatty Bir-bay to youuuuuu” pastu last sekali berbisik je… “Aunty Maaaaaaas”. Heheheh

In exactly 38 days, Mariessa will turn 3. Where did the time go???

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  1. Enida Says:

    Adik Kakak Kitina nih sorang nih, true and true, through and through. They are perfectionists and they know when they are ready. There's no such thing as trial and error. 'To err is human' applies only to us mere mortals. And they think they are angels.

    But aren't they? :)