Yesterday, 6.30-ish pm, from Ampang to Cheras on MRR2 near Pandan – the Queen of all bottleneck areas on MRR2. Bumper to bumper. I was on the most right lane. Not moving.

Suddenly a Kelisa from the middle lane, bagi signal ke kanan and terussssssssssss je nak masuk in front of me. Did I mention that it was bumper to bumper and we were NOT moving? The driver was a young woman. The car has P sticker. And her car was then slanting in between the most right lane and the middle lane causing motorists to stop. Causing more jam and more noise. Motor2 semua dah “pin! pin! pin!”

Then I saw her hentak2 both hands on the steering dengan muka cemas. Ye lah, byk oooo motor beratur belakang kereta dia, and it was drizzling! Soon after that she  got in front of me, her car was still slightly slanting so I could see her in full view. She then rolled her window down, stuck her face out, and examined her face on the side mirror. Rain and all, I kid you not! She must have had a major pimple issue, I thought. Major AND critical!

Guess what she did the very moment the could get her car straight in front of me? She moved back to the middle lane.

I think that girl has a very serious issue. As major and as critical as her pimple problem.

thinks P is for Poyo
2 Responses
  1. hani Says:

    heheh....your summary of the story is so funny......

  2. noordinarymomster Says:

    and she really need to sort out her issues fast! :P