Afiq this morning, playing with ‘YoYoi” (he keeps calling it that rather than just YoYo). He’s in high spirit this morning Alhamdulillah. Makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you Uncle Salleh for the YoYoi… ;)

Thank you (again) Aunty Nid for his baju. He now calls it his Baju Hensem! ;)

6 Responses
  1. momster Says:

    Bestnyer ada baju hensem. When will I have a baju cantik? :D

  2. ideserveabreak Says:

    ahhh...the boy is gleaming with his new top and new grommets in his ear! glad he's well now, brave boy and mom! :)

  3. Jaja Says:

    aisey ainil..i soo ketinggalan bas...sorry..
    syukur alhamdulillah that everything is over and afiq is doing well...
    shamil just recovered from 4 days fever,thot dia nk kena cp or measles..tgk mcm takde pape..and this morning masa nk tgk disney dia kata 'tak dengar la mama!'...volume tv yg biasa dia dgr hari2...aiyoo..

  4. Serene Says:

    Momster... your baju all cantik2 what? :P:P

    Rina, brave boy definitely this one. Not so sure about the mom, though. Hehe

    Ja.. alhamdulillah, Afiq is doing well. :) You may want to check shamil's ears too. Better be safe than sorry kan? Hopefully it's nothing. Keep us updated k?

  5. jaja Says:

    alhamdulilah..shamil okay,he's just being ngada2 sbb skt hati cartoon network kene lock time hariz gi skolah..terpaksa tgk playhouse disney..

  6. Serene Says:

    Jaja.. glad to know that. Lucky Mariessa isn't into TV at all, kalau tak, sah2 lagi kecoh la rumah ni. :)