So we went to see Dr. N the ENT specialist yesterday. In short, he agrees with Dr. M’s suggestion and strongly urged us to proceed with Myringotomy. The thing that really did it for me was when Dr. N said:

“Saya cadangkan, buat je la. Kesian kat anak u nanti, takut terganggu pembelajaran dia"

I’ve never thought of it that way, honestly. The way I looked at it was, kesian kat Afiq having to go through the procedure. Dr. N was right. I’m glad he pointed it out to me.

So, insyAllah next Tuesday it is. Please pray that everything will go smoothly. I am nervous as hell, am already losing sleep over this.

p/s: Rina, can he go swimming after that? He has swimming lesson every Thursday, and he LOVES swimming. Dr. N said not to. Dr. M said to use ear plugs. What say you, Dr. R? Hehe.

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  1. ideserveabreak Says:

    i kinda guessed from the beginining that he had to go through the procedure! very, VERY common. dont worry, its for the better.
    its true that some children face learning difficulties without it. we always investigate the ear when children are falling behind in class, apart from the eyes laa kan . *lol*

    do the doctors back home use medical terms when explaining?? hehe
    is afiq getting a tube / grommet in ? we use very simple layman with parents! ( also glue ear = secretory/chronic otitis media)

    nway, swimming shouldnt be a problem but i say wait till its healed well. but yknow if he's getting the tube in, it tends to fall out easily. some children sampai 3 kali procedure. but i m guessing the grommet is rare in malaysia, afiq must only be getting the fluid drawn out?

    good luck to the boy ( and mom !). prayers with you both!

  2. Serene Says:


    Both doctors did mention the tube. They both explained about the procedure very thoroughly, showed us diagrams, pictures and what not. :). Afiq's getting the tube in, that's for sure. Both ears most probably. It takes around 15minutes per ear, correct?

    Oh, I so understand why you need to use layman terms. If Dr. M's had mentioned Myringotomy or Otitis Media, or even Glue Ear, I don't know where my imagination would have taken me to! Sounds scary and oh so serious! Dr. M's very first explanation on Afiq's condition was: "selsema sampai ke telinga" when I asked him why this happened. :).

    Thank you sooo much, you!

  3. ideserveabreak Says:

    yes ainil, very short procedure. it's not a biggie op an he'll be out of the theatre before you even get to finish your cup of coffee or texting family!

    pray that his grommet (tube) stays in! banyak kali i check childrens ears only to find a grommet swimming in there..hehe...but it does no harm to the child. come to think of it, i find a lot of things in the ears....tissue, little paper balls, beads, rice...gosh the list is endless!! nose pun mcm2 benda..haha

  4. Serene Says:

    That's a relief! :) I'll make sure I get my cup of coffee before his op so that I can spend that short time texting my family. ;)

    My god, paper balls & beads? Boleh buat treasure hunt! Haha.

  5. Effa Mas Says:

    I'm sure the boy will melantun the very next time you turn your head. Mama je tak sudah urut dada lagi by then. :)

    You both will do fine Sis. Our prayers are for you both.

  6. Serene Says:


    I hope his tantrums will go away as well after the op. I naik heran tengok dia buat perangai! :D Melantun tu dah tentu kan. :D

    Thank you Sis! Will definitely sms you before, and after.