In our short 5 years of being parents, I don’t think Shahril and I have had a more ‘interesting’ and eventful week than this week.

First it was Afiq’s operation. The nervous anticipation before the op and the overwhelming relief after left me feeling spent. Drained out. I don’t know how I made it thru Thursday and Friday at work, but I was so glad that the weekend is finally here.

But, it so happens that I apparently have one more ‘event’ in store for me.

I was talking to Mariessa when I thought I saw something shiny from within her nostril. Didn’t think much of it at first, but took the flashlight to have a better look. Press her nose a little and felt something hard.

I, of course, panicked!

Asked Shahril to take a look as well. By this time Mariessa was getting panicky too, and started to run away from us. I was quite sure then that there was a bead in her nostril. Both of us had to chase after her and hold her down in trying to get a better look, but didn’t see much.

Shahril then took her to the nearest clinic. The doctor told him to get Mariessa to KPMC. So Shahril took her there.

It took the doctor at KPMC 5 long minutes of poking using I-don’t-know-what-you-doctors-call-it-but-it’s-something-like-an-earpick to get the bead out. And yang herannya, the bead was actually bigger than her lubang hidung tau!!! Ish lahhhhhhhh…

When asked later where did she get that bead from, she said “kat kolah ” (kat sekolah). I asked this, because I know for sure we don’t have any toys with beads around the house. Then I asked whether she had put it in herself, or somebody else did. She said..”kakak buat tediri (sendiri).”

It’s scary to think that entah berapa lama la sebenarnya that bead has been in her nose. It was 9.30pm when I saw it. She came back from ‘kolah’ at 7. God knows what time she had put it in.

Too bad Shahril didn’t bring that bead home. If he had, I would put it nicely on display as a reminder for the kids (and us too). Tak tau la if she did it out of her curiosity ke apa ke.

I hope my weekend will be as dull as it can possibly be. I don’t think I can take any more ‘excitement’.


... Rasa nak demam!
4 Responses
  1. ideserveabreak Says:

    OMG!!! Werent we just talking about beads recently?? oh this all too common in the paediatric world, seriously! hehe...ive taken oh so many treasures out of childrens nostrils and ears. We would blanket the child
    (hands and legs wrapped inside the blanket like a mummy with a nurse or two hugging the child tightly) and me going in with a forcep or suction tube! quite a scene i tell ya but the feeling of getting the thing...PRICELESS!! :)

    ps: did the doctor do it in kpmc?

  2. jaja Says:

    adoi..i totally understand how u felt dear..hariz did the same thg too,t'was a lego!we double panicked coz xray showed nothing!eventually it came out together with his poo2!still have it..

  3. Serene Says:

    Rina, exactlyyy!! The first thought that came to mind, was that lah. I was just telling you that you can do treasure hunt kan, tengok2 Mariessa pulak letak treasure dalam hidung dia! Ish.

    According to Shahril (I had to stay at home for the other 2), since the bead wasn't so deep into her nostril, doctor guna something like an earpick and pelan2 pull the bead out. Shahril had to hold her head still, and a nurse helped holding her hands tight.

    I can never look at beads the same way ever again!

  4. Serene Says:

    Jaja.. Lego? Masuk dalam hidung ke? Perghhh, lagi ganas! :D

    Scary isn't it, didn't think it would happen to our kids, kan? Letak on display tak that piece of Lego? Hahaha...