After a long, sleepless night for both Adreena & me, as if she knew I was going away (albeit for ‘only’ 4 days), the much dreaded Monday came anyway.

Oh, if only I can describe how I felt. I might seem exaggerating to some, but leaving my kids overnight was never easy.

**Ok iklan kejap. What’s with TV1’s news tonight? Dua2 pembaca berita tu asyik terover lap suara je. Reading the same lines. Not once or twice. Byk kali, enough to distract me from writing-lah. Aiyo. **

Hmm.. where was I. Hilang sudah flow syahdu2.


P1020556 It was drizzling when we were supposed to take off, on time. But 7 funny people apparently checked-in with their checked-in baggage only not to show up for boarding. I don’t travel often enough to know how that can happen, but we had to wait for 30 minutes for those baggage to be taken out before taking off. If you ask me, AA should not have bothered. Bawak je la luggage diorang.. pandai2 la korang cari kat destination airport. Sapa suruh menyusahkan orang lain?

Although deep down, sebenarnya I didn’t mind. I was happily reading this:


Once we were cleared for take off, the pilot buat ‘kelakar’ pulak. Errr.. why do all pilots sound sleepy when they were greeting passengers? Not only this one sounds sleepy, cakap melerettttt je kan.. (Orang Temerloh kata, leweh, tau tak leweh?), dengan bestnya dia announce “Selamat datang ke penerbangan AK lima-dua-tujuh-satu”. Hoiiii menyirap darah ok? Dah nak bangun dah, punya la nervous… pastu dia tukar english pulak kan… “Welcome to flight AK five-three-five-four” Nasib baik!! Ingatkan dah salah flight tadi. Have to send this pilot to Afiq’s Little Caliphs to learn his numbers again lah.

So instead of 0935.. we took off at at 1000.

P1020562Rasa nak nangis when I saw this. This is called the Apron Tower and this is where I used to do some system maintenance work between 2003-2008. Didn’t realize how much I miss it until I saw it.


There too. That’s the main tower.

Well… 50 minutes and 131 pages later… sampai sudah.


Spent the whole day working.

Let me just say, I am so happy to be surrounded by Utara-speaking colleagues. Sgt2 best. :). Ada masa ghasa nak tekeluaq jugaklah, cakap utagha kita ni pun! :). I don’t know why or how, but I feel I can most connect to the dialects of Utagha and Nogori the best. Rasa macam the dialects come naturally gitu. I can understand dialects Temerloh well, (my siblings joke about it all the time), but I can never speak it well. Takat ‘awok nok koner” “kaki koi kohot”, tu boleh la. But more than that, tak terkeluar dari mulut rasanya. If you guys have seen my siblings writing in this dialect on FB, I bet you guys won’t understand even half of it. Hehe.

I spent the first 10 years of my life in Taiping Perak. Maybe that explains why utara-dialect is so close to my heart. That short period of kami-hang in primary school apparently stuck with me. And maybe, just maybe that 5 years spent in a certain boarding school in Seremban had a bigger influence on me than I thought because when I married a certain Nogorian, I just feel at home whenever we go balik kampung. My in laws still find it amusing whenever they say any words I don’t understand though, like ceneke (pronounced cher-ney-kay).


Ahhh… I just spent 19 minutes and 34 seconds skyping with the noisy lots at home.


P1020408  Oh I can almost her them screaming, and wailing, and laughing here.



Ok.. suddenly I don’t feel like writing anymore. :(

360km away from home (that’s what Mr Google said).

P1020606 where I am now. Purposely asked for 2 beds. A colleague is joining on the 3rd night.

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  1. Serene Says:

    Thanks Nins! Can't wait to go back. :D