1. There’s just something about going to a kem askar, for me. Tak kira lah darat ke… udara ke… laut ke. To me.. a ‘kem’ is a ‘kem’. :D When I go to one, which I rarely get the opportunity to these days, I would feel so calm & melancholic. They’re always so shady. Lots of big trees. Makes me wish I could just go and sit under one and daydream.

You see.. I was here, earlier today.

P1020620the entrance



The last time I came here was in 2007. I was probably 3 months pregnant with Mariessa then. A lot of things can happen in 3 years apparently. Like adding yet another child :D, losing someone you love, changing boss, changing jobscope altogether etc.

Oh well.

2. There’s just something about Pokok Semambu. Penang sure has a lot of them. You see, eversince the kiddos caught chicken pox and I read a lot about how pokok semambu could probably help with the gatal2.. I have become somewhat obsessed with the tree. From not knowing how it looks like at all, to now being able to recognize it at a glance. When I do see one, I feel safe. I feel reassured that nothing can go wrong, or something like that. Funny eh?

So, judging from all the pokok semambu I see along the road today, I am definitely safe here. :)

3. There’s just something about an apology. Someone very very unlikely apologizes today, when I least expected it. And I find it…. hmm for lack of a better word… sexy. Somehow. That puzzles me. But yes. Sexy. Definitely sexy. Not in a sexual way of sexy, but sexy.

4. There’s just something about going on a trip. You get to know your colleagues in a whole different manner. Some people are not as serious as you think. Some may not be as nice. Some are not as bad. Some people just light up when they mention their families… and kids. That made them seem more… human. :D , more approachable. Some don’t talk about that at all.  Some are too quiet, it’s awkward. Some can go on and on and on for hours, it’s MORE awkward. You get my drift.

5. There’s just something about this picture

P1020638I’m just putting this here with an intent to make a dear friend goes green with envy. Provided I get the right kedai that is. Is this the one, ber? Heheheh

6. There’s just something about Thursday. – It’s the day I get to go home! Weeeeeeee!!!

There's just something about
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  1. Aber Says:

    oh...KASSIM MUSTAFA!!!! :(