There are times when things fell into place on their own by coincidence. When that happen, I cannot even describe how grateful I am to the Almighty for blessing me with it.

Afiq was supposed to see Dr M for his check-up following his operation on Saturday last week. But we had to change it to yesterday (Tuesday) since we had to go see my dad (Atok) who’s not well in Manjung during the weekend. Dr M’s only available on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

Tuesday morning, Mariessa’s babysitter told us that she noticed that Mariessa’s neck was a little swollen on Monday. It wasn’t really obvious and she didn’t complain of any pain, so I thought ok-lah, I’ll just ask Dr M to have a look since we’re meeting with him anyway.

To cut the story short, after examining it.. Dr M insisted that Mariessa be admitted, jugak2.

Sgt2 terkejut actually, as we (Shahril & I) didn’t think it was going to be serious. It may not be serious pun lah actually, but as long as kena admit tu… we have to take it seriously lah kan?

I’ll write about Dr M’s diagnosis later when we know more.

So here we are, at our trusted KPMC once again.

P1020681A few hours before meeting with Dr. M, after a scrumptious dim sum lunch.


A few hours after admission to the ward.