4th October was my last day at work. So I've been a SAHM (that's stay-at-home-mom for those who are wondering) for a little over 3 months now.

I didn't think I could survive the 51-day school holidays, with all 4 kids at home. After all, I am someone who needs her 'me' time more often that anyone I know. But Alhamdulillah, I survived. So did the kids. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Some days are better than the rest, some days are worse.

Come December, I was looking forward to January like never never before!

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to bits and pieces, but they can drive me up the wall... And I say this in the most loving tone I know how. ๐Ÿ˜

Now that the kids are in school, life is just as hectic... But I do get more quite time for myself, Alhamdulillah. This of course depends very much on Muiz's mood in the morning, but he's quite an easy boy so far, Alhamdulillah.

I try as much as I can to wake up very early in the morning, ideally at 4.30.., but so far the earliest I could drag myself out of the bed is at 5. If I could settle everything before 6, that guarantees lazy time between 8.30 to 11.30 a.m. when Afiq, Mariessa and Adreena are at school. By everything I mean breakfast and lunch meals ready, house is clean (definition of clean varies, depends on my mood) and also laundry (most of the time Shahril gets this settled, Alhamdulillah).

I then send Afiq to school, which is something I love doing because this is the time when I can concentrate solely on Afiq. A lot can be talked about in 15 minutes (the school is only 3 kms away, but traffic can be really bad), and I feel that this is my opportunity to get him in the mood for school.

Shahril sends the girls to kindy on his way to work, so I'm basically free until it's time to go and fetch the girls.

When it's time, fetch the girls. Come home. Then out again to fetch Afiq, then home again. Shahril sends Afiq to KAFA after lunch, but if Shahril's extra busy or have meetings elsewhere, I'll send Afiq instead, dragging everyone along with me of course!

3 hours later, we go out again and fetch Afiq.

I'm starting to get tired just writing all these down. ๐Ÿ˜…

I am lucky Muiz is accepting his carseat very well. On days he doesn't feel like being strapped into his carseat and cries all the way to and fro, I am lucky that after 3 kids before Muiz, I am immuned to kids crying in the car. Haha.

So that's how a day roughly looks like for me. That is of course the 'good' part of it. The not-so-good part involves washing dishes almost non-stop, sweeping the floor countless times, mopping, picking up toys, picking up bowls and spoons which were turned into toys, you get the drift.

Life as a SAHM (with 4 kids), now that I have 3 months experience of it, I can say that it is very, very, VERY tiring.

But to be able to watch my children grow in front of my very eyes... THAT is priceless!

3 Responses
  1. Rina Says:

    Baca pun penat LOL. I know how tiring it is, I was a SAHM with 2 kids for 7 months. It's crazy when you have no help. I remember dragging the two of them in the cold just to get milk and bread. Then every night masak because bringing out two kids out for dinner lagi hassle! Tapi kan, I have a little tip for you.. you should get a dishwasher so that during the day takyah basuh langsung, just kumpul dirty dishes all day then run it after dinner. Seriously, I cant live without one. I also send clothes for ironing every 2 weeks. So that's two house chores done and dusted!

    I'll be a SAHM again when baby number 3 comes out. Looking forward to it but i know i will be so, so tired! But. you're right, it's so rewarding kan??

  2. Serene Says:

    Hi Rina!

    Congratulations on Baby No. 3! When are you due?

    I am putting dishwasher into my wish list pronto! Will start listing down the benefits; time saving, cost saving etc so I can present the proposal to the 'finance minister'. Haha. Thank you for the suggestion.

    You know what? I've lost 13 kilos so far, so if this is what it takes to lose more weight, I'd say, bring it on!

  3. The Momster Says:

    i was just about to comment you should include the weight loss part! ;)