When Mariessa was born, we taught Afiq how to pronounce her name. Apinaaaaa maaaa kiii chaaa!

From then on, the 'kicha' part never really went away, even after Afiq could say it better. Now it's Afinaaa Maaaghiisha! Close! I like calling her kicha kicha! :).

She can say a few words now, like.. Maaa.. Aiyah, kakak (my maid), nak nak nak when she wants something. Oh, and Aida! Aida is actually a girl who lives across the street. For some reason, she likes calling out to this Aida. Pegi kat pintu depan je, she'll call out, "Aidaaaaa! Aidaaaa!"

She loves, loves, loves climbing the stairs. We've put a safety gate at the bottom of the stairs. That one, pantang terbukak aje. Senyap2.. dah sampai halfway. Nasib baikkkk her anklet ada loceng2. So boleh tau dia kat mana. :)

Now dah boleh give her simple instructions to follow. Like : Chaaa.. take your bottle to kakak. (after feeding) - she'll go hand her botol susu to my maid. Or, "cha... go buang sampah" - she'll go buang sampah into the dustbin kat dapur. Best ada anak dara boleh suruh2.. Muahahaaaa... Can't wait til the day i can say.. "chaaa... can you please cook dinner tonight? Mama's tired" Kuang kuang kuang.

Hahhh? Cook dinner?

I'm one happy Mama.. :)

Muka keliru...

Birthday party is one tiring event, i know sweetheart.
Now that Afiq dah mula pandai cakap... auta punnnnn dah byk. Especially time mood tak baik. Adaaaa je demands dia..

Example: Scenario: Mood x baik, guling sana guling sini.

Afiq: Ayah, afiq nak dukung!!

Ayah: Nanti la kejap lagi. Ayah kan tengah tengok TV ni...
*tukar taktik pulak*
Afiq: Mamaaaaaa... Afiq nak nini. (susu)
Mama: Cakap apa dulu?

Afiq: peeelissss lah maaaaa (kalau ada 'lah maaaa' tu.. bad mood la tu)
Mama: Ok..
gi buat susu.. and hand it to him
Afiq: alaaaaaa... Afiq tak nak susu... Afiq nak juice!

Mama: (mood mama pun dah kurang baik by this time) Ok..
gi buat juice... and hand it to him
Afiq: alaaaaa... afiq tak nak juice.. afiq nak makan nasik!!

Mama: grrrrrrrrrrrr.... Ayah, take over!

Seriously... this only happened last weekend! It may seem funny now when i think about it. But it surely wasnt funny at all then!
Contoh muka masa mood tak elok.

After nyanyi lagu birthday tu.. dia tiup lilin. And then he said "Yeyyyy!!! Saya berjaya!!! Saya berjaya!!!" That was really funny. I didnt really realize it until we watch the video.

Ni masa baik dengan Kitreena. The frequency changes every 5 minutes or so.
I think Afiq looks more like Shahril than me. Kuat menyakat pun macam Shahril!

Kalau tanya Afiq, "siapa nama Uncle Karl?"
Dia jawab, " Nama Angke (Uncle) Karl...., Kaaaarllll Chonchen! (Karl Johnson)"
Tanya lagi, " Siapa nama Edrick?"

Dia jawab, "Nama Edwiiiickkk... Edwiiiick Angke Kaaarl!"

So far tak dapat lagi nak betulkan this one. Keep telling him it's Edrick Karl. No, mesti lah jugak nak letak Angke (Uncle) tu kat tengah jugak2.. hehe

I think he looks exactly like his dad.

I think by far, he is the 'easiest' baby I've ever known! Sooooo baik one! Mariessa's an easy baby too (although kalau nak compare kan dgn Afiq, most babies would be easier anyway), but Edrick is like 50 times easier! Honestly. Parents' dream child, this one.

Very , very adorable. Kan?

Now that Kitreena's compliment has changed to "cantiknya diaaaaaa", the "cutenya diaaaa" has definitely gone to Edrick. Ohhhh, he's a flirt too!!! Muka malu malu, mata kelip kelip, all complete.
* I'm excited sebab baruuu dapat gambar2 masa bday party hari tu. Banyakkkkk sesgt gambar that i like.. so kena letak sikit2. Hari ini mungkin hari yg bersejarah.. sebab most probably i'll have more than... errr... two entries... haha..

Everywhere we go, dari dia kecikkkk sampai la sekarang, mesti ada org stop us and say... cutenya diaaaa (dulu..) or cantiknya diaaa (now) or any ayat2 yang sewaktu dengannya.. and it's really no wonder why... buktinya? here:


Ni muka x puas hati... :)

I told her not to touch the cake... so when she did this, i said.. " i told you not to touch the cake, right?" She answered... "but i just want to touch the doll???" ok.. kalah!

She was Mariessa's cake No 1 fan that day. For obvious reason. Why, it's a princess!!

The prettiest, wittiest lil girl i know!

Favourite cousins.. half of the time, they don't act so though. Haha

Afiq turned 3 on April 16, 2008. We didn't do anything special because we already threw him a party 4 days before that, combined with Mariessa's 1st.

Conversations with Afiq is definitely getting more interesting these days. He's very quick and sharp, and what's more interesting is that, he usually repeats words he heard only a few days after he heard them and not immediately. And usually it will be in the right context. He surprised us many, many times already repeating after us (and of course selalunya apa yg not so good tu lah dia dapat dulu...) Hehe.

Random facts about Afiq:

1. When talking to us (me & shahril) he usually refers himself as 'Afiq'
or 'saya' <- this, he got from the TV i believe. And lately i noticed he started saying 'kita' as well. That, definitely from anak2 jiran. Usual context would be: "bola ni kita punya lahhh!" or, "ini toy kita lahh" <- yes.. kita is more used when in argument. Hehe And the sweet thing is, he automatically bahasakan diri dia 'Abang' when talking to Mariessa. E.g. "Dik... jangan la ambik toy tu.. Tu abang punya!"

2. His favourite baju is the one that he wore during the bday party (refer previous post). Aunty Mas & Aunty Pet yang bagi. He calls it 'baju shen dengan merari' (that's baju Shell dengan Ferrari) sebab kat baju tu ada lambang Shell dengan Ferrari. His absolute favourite, that one. Bila dah pakai baju tu, mesti dtg to us and senyum simpul malu2... tunggu complimentlah tu maksudnya. I usually say.."wahhhh handsomenya Afiq".. that will do. He will senyum control macho, th
en lari gi main.

3. Favourite toys: Cars & bikes & ball. So very boyish. Now, sebab dah byk sgt toy cars, bila dapat cars baru je, bukannya main dah.. but he will tanggalkan the wheels first and then whatever yang boleh ditanggalkan. Life span toys dia usually ranging from 15 minutes to 3 days, depending on how kebal the cars are.

4. Last month we took him to the National Zoo. He can name most of the common animals there. Jibra (zebra), giraffe ('kenapa giraffe tu makan sayur je ma?"), tiger (tiger mandi tu sebab dia panas ke?"), birds, ostrich, monkey, turtle, and elephant. He was a big fan of elephants BEFORE we went to the zoo. So we were excited to introduce him to the elephant when we went there. But i guess he didn't expect the elep
hant to be THAT big, so he got scared. Now whenever we mention elephant, he'll say: "Afiq tak nak lah tengok elephant. Afiq takut. Soooo big!" So much for my macho boy.

5. He still pronounce piano as pinano!

6. Last week, Shahril had to go to Spore for a few days. Took him to the airport to send Shahril off. On our way back, Afiq asked me ("mama... kenapa se
mua orang punnnnn nak pegi sinopo?). And for the next 2 days, asyik cakap nak pegi 'sinopo' je. On the 2nd night, he took out a photo album, flipped through it, stopped at one page and said..."haaaa... ni pun Ayah!" I felt soo syahdu.

The next morning, the first question he asked me was: "Mama.. kenapa Ayah tak balik balik lagi ni?"
The night Shahril came home, we all went to KLIA. Took Afiq to the viewing area (anjung tinjau) to see aeroplanes. (He loves aeroplanes too.. OK, he loves ALL kinds of vehicles lah nak senang cerita. Trains dia panggil Thomas (for Thomas & friends the cartoon)). He pronounces aeroplanes: Epopolane. :D

I tried correcting Sinopo -> Singapore. Told him it's not sinopo, it's Siiiiiii ngaaaaaa pore! Lepas
tu betul la sikit : sinapo. 5 minutes after that, I asked him again: "Ayah pegi mana, fiq?" Dengan confidentnya dia jawab, as a matter of factly: "Ayahhhh, pegiiii Siiiiii ngaaaaa NOPO!!" Hihi..

7. Once he wanted something, and I said no, he said: "Mama ni... suka gaduh gaduh!" I have NOOO idea where he got that. Seriously!

8. One night, wanting to use some words he obviously picked up from TV, he asked me: "Mama, ni beg Mama ke ni?" (knowing very well it's MY bag). I said yes anyway. He said:"Ohhhh biar saya tolong ambilkan ye?" hihi.. sooo lah baku and TV-nya!

9. He loves Postman-Pat and Fireman-Sam series (Channel Ceria). Once
we passed thru the Petronas area in Kerteh (or is it Paka?) and he saw those whatever-you-call-it, yang berapi2 tu lah kan.. he said: "Mama look... tu terbakar! Nanti saya telefon Pakcik Sam!" Hehe. I hope he doesnt call the postman in our area Uncle Pat. :D

10. He remembers the full names of ALL our family members. Ada la salah pronouciation here & there kan.. like Aunty Mas becomes " Uuuujeypaaaa Tutura" :D. Cubalah teka apa sebenarnya tu. Hehe.

11. He expects me to call him every morning when I'm in the office. Kalau tak call, around 11 tu dia dah resah.. main phone. Or he'll just ask my maid to dial my number. Usual conversation will be, "d
ahhh.. Afiq dah makan dah... makan soshesh."or.."Afiq dah mandi dah, takde sejuk pun?". Or "Mama.. nanti mama balik.. mama beli calci-yum k? Calci-yum, dengan juice, k?"

12. His favourite song for now is... jeng jeng jeng.... "pertama kallli kuuuuu bejumpa dengan si diaaa" <- that, for those yang tak tau.. is a song by Datuk M. Daud Kilau ok? The one yang Zahid AF2 nyanyi dulu tuh! The reason he knows this song is that, as told by my maid, in Tom Tom Bak rancangan Aznil Hj Nawawi tu, ada one kid buat miming lagu ni. And for some reason, selaluuuuuu ulang this episode. He perfectly memorizes the first line! The unbeatable line would be his chorus"

"senyumlah.... senyumlah.. ahaiiiii cikcak molek" Muahahahaaaaa... (it's supposed to be cik mek molek). I'll try to get this on tape one day, complete with his gelek, and sunglasses!

That's My Afiq. :)

Afiq and his must-have-before-tido companion: Barney.
Just a quick update to share some photos, fresh from the oven. Will update more later.

These were taken during Afiq's and Mariessa's birthday party. Held on April 12, 2008.

Can't believe he's already 3! (Comot merah kat mulut tu sebab minum sirap limau... ke ni lepas makan kek? :) )

Lil' Mariessa...

Afiq's McQueen Car Cake.

Mariessa's Doll Cake

Shahril & his lil girl. ;)

Today, last year I was already at the hospital - it was my due date and I was in great pain. We've come to the hospital the day before but decided to go home again when the pain went away. We decided to let Afiq and my maid stay at my sister's place anyway. That night, we went to Jusco to jalan2 (konon2 nak senangkan labor) and sempat la makan kat Laksa Shack. Too bad the branch we went to didn't have laksam. Can't remember what I had instead.

4 a.m April 2nd, the pain became unbearable. I do not remember any pain at all during Afiq's time (honestly). Not until the doctors induced me lah at least. But this time, it was ohhh sooo painful! We went to the hospital right after Subuh, I was told that my gynae was on holiday, but the other doctor was around. I was a little nervous by that, but berserah je lah. And then the waiting game began.

This time, penantian itu is more more than satu penyeksaan, i tell you! When the doctor checked, i was only more or less 3cm dilated. 2 hours after that, it was still the same. But the pain? Ohhh myyyy.... it got more intense each time.

By 1 pm, (finally!) ada progress sikit. 5cm. I reminded the nurse that I want, want, want, the epidural. Ok, so my threshold of pain is very, very low if it exists at all. But really.. sakit ooooo.

So at about 2pm they wheeled me into the labor room. I dont know whether it was the aircond, or maybe it was just me, but i felt really really cold. And then I panicked! I was s
hivering like mad when the aneasthetist was about to give me the epidural jab. Shahril had to hold me real tight. That was, the scariest point of the whole drama actually.

When the magic kicked in, all the pain was gone. And waiting game no.2 began.. sans the pain of course. I was then told that my gynae is back from his holiday, (yey!) and he'll be the one receiving my baby. Alhamdulillah.

I don't remember much what happened then, mostly because i was already too exhausted by then. I remember almost falling asleep even. :) At 4 plus, the nurses told me that it was time and so they called the gynae to the labor room.

I'd rather not go through all the glory details of the labor, because frankly... still rasa ngilu thinking about it. So to cut the story short... after a few pushes (maybe 4-5 times) , and 4 times snip snip snip snip (ok, so this is part of the ngilu part i did NOT want to mention, hehe) and with the help of the vaccum thingy, suddenly.... woooossshhhh!!! there she was!!! I think the time was 4.43 or 4.45. (Have to check her birth cert)

I think at that time Shahril was momentarily stunned. Not by the baby, but by the 'wooossshhh!!' spill. Maybe 'wooosshhhh' is too gentle to describe it. Maybe it was more like a...'boooosshhhhh!!!' kinda thing. It was, after all, our first time on normal delivery. With Afiq, there was no push, so there was no booooosshhhh!!! In other words, with Afiq, it was less messy-lah. :). That, i can say is the major difference (for me) between Caesarian section & normal birth.

Annyywayyy.. my first thought when I saw her was... how she looks exactly like Afiq. :) Shahril thinks otherwise though. "She looks like Ummi! (my mom)" . My mom was of course beaming with pride when we told her this.

And today... exactly a year later, my lil baby is 1!

And to my darling Afreena Mariessa, you're everything I ever imagined a daughter would be, and more. I pray that I will be with you on many, many, MANY birthdays to come.

During aqiqah, and after dibotakkan.

Less botak - at about 4-5 months

Around 6-8 months.. can sit , & very chubby
Dah pandai senyum kat camera... 8-10 months
Gigi ada 6 batang now.. and flashes this cheeky grin everytime ambik gambar

Drama queen jugak.. if you look closely can see air mata ngada2..

Starts walking at 11.5 months. Terkedek2 but laju!

Happy 1st Birthday sayang Mama...