After a week of training away from the office, totally away from work (except reading & replying one or two 'urgent' emails during break), I am a little surprised to find out that I actually missed coming to work. Didn't even know that I LIKED coming to work, what more to miss it. Hehe. Absence makes hearts grow fonder eh?

Ok, so maybe training sucks a little. Ok, not so little if I want to be honest. First day was OK. 2nd day was Oookay-lah. On the 5th day of training, every other sentence was: "It should have worked, by the way. This is the problem with Microsoft bla bla bla" Yeah right, when you can't get it right, blame Microsoft. To think that he has like 5 or 6 certifications from Microsoft? MCT konon!  (That's Microsoft Certified Trainer by the way).

It didn't help that he sometimes writes A and says B. Seriously. Like one time he said the number was three thousand eighty FOUR but he wrote 3082! Or the other time, after doing some calculation he said the answer was thirteen. I spent 2 minutes scratching my head trying to figure out why I had calculated differently, and I was very sure I got the right answer. (Best pulak buat Maths masa tu, haha... nothing complicated, hence explains why I enjoyed it).  So I asked, how did he get his answers, and you know what... apparently THIRTEEN = 30!!! Betula la my calculation. Penat garu kepala 2 minit tau!

Or the other time... he said press TAPE bla bla bla...  I wondered, bila pulak guna TAPE ni? Even if it's for backing up purpose (which was not included in the syllabus), bila pulak masuk topic ni ni? It turns out, he meant press TAB as in the TAB key on your keyboard. Aiyo maaaaa. Somebody in my class actually said.. Press TAB?? Stressing on the TAB word. The trainer answered.. "Yes, yes.. press TAPE!" Tak makan dek ajar betul lah!

At the end of the training, after distributing the evaluation forms, he shamelessly insisted that we should rate him 'excellent' . I gave him Fair. I was tempted to give him Poor actually. But the first 2 days were OK... so Fair lah. Nangis pulak dia nanti, kesiannnnn.

Now I'm faced with a lil problem though. My boss now expects me to be an expert of the subject, which I can't say I am yet. I should probably go get one of those "For Dummy" books eh?

MCT... Not.... (yet).

8 Responses
  1. noordinarymomster Says:

    hahaha... muka tak malu la trainer tuh! ;)

  2. Akak Says:

    Mcm mana such a 'trainer' boleh terlepas all his trainings by pronouncing Tape ni ha? Gatal je tangan i ni nak tolong tape kan mulut dia tu!

    Thirteen = 30, nak sangat cakap omputeh! Ni yg akak nak marah nih!

  3. Akak Says:

    Eh cop, tak abis lagi.

    He 'insisted' u rate him excellent? Ohhh maiiii goddd! I think dia ada short circuit la somewhere, he needs to be serviced.

  4. Serene Says:

    Momster.. mmg sgt x malu!

    Kak, nasib baik you were not there with me. If not, i'm sure you would have fainted many times. I forgot to mention that he's one of those ppl yang suka put 's' in every word he says. Likes for exampes (missing L is intentional) de answes for dis questions is forties.

    Berdesing telingasss okesss???

  5. Akak Says:

    Ehhhh mahap, sikit lagi.

    No wonder u miss work la sis hehe. U must miss your Tab!

  6. Akak Says:

    Ohhss mys gods! Kesians dias kans? Mestis letihs.

  7. Enida Says:

    Ada mak kesahh?

  8. Enida Says:

    Muahahaha sis! Above is my ultimate response lah these days, ala-ala Richie Rachman, giteww! Sukane!

    The TAPE vs. TAB story reminds me of one of the managers I once tried to train. I really did try. Dia sebut Danga BAY as Danga BARE/BEAR (British unrolled 'r' pronunciation kay). I tried every 'ay'-ending word I knew. Day, gay, hay, pay, say, may. I even called him 'Hey!'

    Masa sebut all these words okay jeh 'ay' nye. Sebut je Danga Bay, automatically mesti nak sebut Danga Bare/Bear. If I were a bear, lama dah kenyang!

    Hmmm...does that remind you of something else? Block CARE for instance. Ahaks!