I really have to jot this down.

Last week I felt so helpless, and lost. I was asked to complete something at work, which was difficult because 1. I'm new in this 'project' and this work is of 'higher' level. 2. The task was supposedly done by another team, but since nothing seem to come out of it, I am to 'take over' the task. So, in one way or another, I feel like I'm invading someone's territory. 3. The people who are supposed to be the 'expert' on this thing, are not co-operative lot, making my task way tedious than it should be.

Naturally (at least to me), when everyone i 'turned' to does not seem to be able to help me, I turned to God. Sometimes it's funny (not in a funny way) how I can forget the essential of things, really.

Today, my superior called me for a brief discussion. He told me that due to the urgency of another task, instead of pursuing on this matter, I am to complete my findings and come out with a report on it this week. After that, this task will be handed back to the 'original' team since they were the ones who should be working on this, in the first place. And I'll be given that other task to work on, one which I've been looking forward to.

Never had I thought the answer to my prayers would come so quickly and so brilliantly. . Miracles do happen, kan?


2 Responses
  1. noordinarymomster Says:

    Alhamdulillah... glad you got what you wanted! I know how depressing having to do something you don't know how to do!

  2. moqblure Says:

    it more depressing kalau kita kena buat keja, yg macam cuci taik orang. haks!! sounds harsh aite. but dats wat i hv to face. n yet ppl still blame me. wat a funny bongok ppl. haaha..

    nway, ainil.. team tu team mana? team ada? hakss!!!