It's only Thursday I know, a little too early still to summarize the week, but really...

1. The thing with Mariessa...
We went to JB on Saturday for lil' Aqilah Musfeerah's (my new niece and she's literally very little) cukur jambul and came back to Kajang on Sunday. On our way back, Mariessa refused to talk, eat or drink. It didn't bother us in the beginning, thinking maybe she's just a little too overtired from the trip. It was hot, the drive was long etc. And we thought, once we're home, she'll be herself again. She is usually like that, does not adapt to changes as quickly as everyone else. Always need the comfort of our home.

So when she continued not talking on Sunday night, first we thought she was just teething. The only clue we had was that she was drooling. Monday morning, brought her to the clinic, and was told that she has a FEW ulcers in her mouth!!! Kesiannnn dia.

Took the day off yesterday to stay home with her. She still refused to eat. Only surviving on her susu. So, akibatnya... kena pulakkkkk cirit birit. :(. Today, she's doing much better alhamdulillah. Was told by the nursery owner that she has asked for roti for breakfast. What a relief!

I need to ask, is it normal though, for mothers to be so paranoid like I am? I say mothers because, well, Shahril is always so cool and calm. Like, when Mariessa refuses to talk... on the 2nd day I got so paranoid thinking, what if she doesn't want to talk anymore, even after her ulcers are gone? Because she seemed sooooo content expressing herself by pointing her finger, and nodding and shaking her head. Then of course I started to try my best to make her talk, just to prove myself wrong. And of course she refused even more. Then I get more paranoid. Get what I mean?

Please somebody tell me, this is normal. Kan? Tak ke?

2. The thing with Harry Potter
I watched Harry Potter on Monday (after sending the kids to clinic and to the nursery later). It was good, tapi rasa macam tak puas tengok. I feel like there's a lot more in the book (of course). And Ziah, you said it's 180 minutes kan.. how come it's only 150 minutes eh when I watched? Pleaseeeeeee don't tell me they have a longer version of it! Huarghhh... I was counting on 180 minutes you see... so when they opened the door at 2pm (movie started at 11.30), I was surprised and annoyed! Dah la bukak pintu tu masa movie tak habis pun lagi, sakit tak hati?? Anti climax tau!!

Rasa macam nak tengok lagi. Maybe I should just buy the DVD. For the next few days after watching the movie.. I still terbayang2 the movie. Re-read the 7th book over and over again at night before going to bed. Macam angau apa je. Hahaha..

3. The thing about our 2nd car.
Yesterday, masa Shahril nak pegi kerja, Savvy tak boleh nak start. Nasib baik I've decided to stay at home with Mariessa anyway.. so Shahril took Waja to work. Mechanics came to fix it, managed to start the engine after 30 minutes.. and brought it back to their workshop to fix. Caused a BIG hole in our pocket and a BIGGER sakit hati when this morning, bila nak pegi kerja, eh stillllllll tak boleh nak start???!!!

Terpaksa la ambik half day off pulak. Panggil mechanics lagi... and this time it took them TWO hours to just start the engine. Shahril asked them to keep Savvy in their workshop until Saturday. Fix whatever they need to.

Why is it (through my experience lah kan).. as bizarre as it might sound... when we start talking about getting a new car, your (current) car will start giving problems? Have you guys experienced this? A few years back, when we wanted to change our old car to Waja, suddenly the car started rosak sana sini. Fix ribu2 only to sell it later. Now, when we've only started talking about getting a new car (and it's not even serious talk pun, baru masuk phase angan2).. dahhhhh Savvy buat hal pulak! Am i the only one? Or do I happen to own funny cars?

4. The thing about 'mean' boss/company.
Not my boss, let me stress that. Not the company I'm working for either. This is even more bizarre and mind-boggling than my Savvy story. Have you ever heard of a company whose owner can choose siapa yang dia nak bayar.. and siapa yang dia tak nak! I'm talking about salary tau. Bukan bonus.. bukan increment! GAAAAAJIIIII!!!!! The company isn't so small either. Not 10, not 100... but at least 1000 employees tau! And he can single-handedly choose a FEW yang dia tak nak bayar. I can understand if those chosen are high-ranking people like.. CEO ke.. SGM ke.. kan... but executives??? The worst thing is, he expects these 'chosen' people to come mengadap dia and THEN baru dia bagi cheque! He thinks he's god. He's thinks rezeki comes from him! I'll wait for the day when after all these people yang teraniaya leave the company... kita tengok 'rezeki' datang ke tak kat dia! We'll see. Oh, I will wait for the day!

"Wahai tuhan kami berilah kami kenikmatan pendengaran, penglihatan dan kekuatan tubuh badan selama hidup kami dan jadikanlah dia mewarisi kami dan berilah pembalasan kepada orang yang menzalimi kami. Dan tolonglah kami terhadap orang yang memusuhi kami.Dan janganlah engkau jadikan bencana bagi kami dalam ugama kami dan janganlah jadikan keduniaan sebesar-besar cita-citanya kami dan tidak sampai batasan ilmu kami. Dan janganlah Engkau biarkan orang yang tidak menaruh kasihan balas terhadap kami, dapat menguasai ke atas kami.”


6 Responses
  1. la Signora Says:

    1)Mariessa►the poor baby, I do hope she gets better soon.Bab takut bukak mulut tu temporary, sebab kids learn from 'survival' ie. like the reason why they fear veggies due to the taste of veggies (ade yang pahit, to kids anything pahit is the enemy).And you're not paranoid, you're being a mom :) that's what mothers do.I may not be a mom yet,but I'm a cat-owner.Similar concept boleh diaplikasikan.

    2)Unlike you, I have not watched the latest HP movie.Jimat ongkos.Teket wayang kat sini where got RM6, paling 'murah' pun AUD$10.Like wth?!So, content jer lah for the time being with the book.Tunggu DVD jerlah.

    3)Your car sounds ....very Malaysian.My husband, when it comes to cars, he avoids European cars like a plague.Sebab if rosak or need sparepart, memang parah nak cari, and very costly.Stick to Japanese made cars, he said.Toyota Camry is the best, tak kesahlah model lama or yang terbaru, he loves the Toyota Camry.Can go forever and ever.Macam Volvo plak.10 years ago he bought a Toyota Camry and until today it's still as good as the day he bought it.Now, if only mamat tu rajin cuci keta, takdelah I kept nagging him about it.Semenjak jadi housewife ni, I've developed an acute OCD.

    4)Your boss will die a painful death.Sebab menganiaya rezeki orang lain.Abis citer.Takpe Nil, Allah Maha Berkuasa, tau-tau jerlah macammane Dia nak Balas kat orang camtu.

  2. Serene Says:

    Saaaaa..... i am sooo glad you dropped by. :)

    1. Mariessa: masa ambik Mariessa kat nursery semalam, the owner said dia OK dah. nak makan, nak minum. But boleh tak, dia buat2 malu kat I??? Tak nak cakap... still nak tunjuk2 apa yang dia nak. Ngada2 betul!! :D

    Masa tgh baring2... tiba2 je she said.. "Mama... nak aaabiiiciii" (That's her ABC - she meant nak go through flash cards). I was so surprised, and lega and emotional... nangis terus! Hahahahah...

    2. Kalau tengok movie, I always go for the early bird show one. It's RM7. :D

    3. Oh trust me.. memang sgt Malaysian lah my cars. Tu la we're talking about 'converting' them to Japanese made cars as well.. Tup2, dia buat hal pulak. adoiiii. Oh don't get me started about basuh kereta! Dulu masa dok apartment, shahril kata, susahhhh nak basuh kereta.. kena angkut2 air.. Now dah duduk landed house... dalam masa 2.5 tahun ni... hmmm.. I think ada lah 2 kali baru dia basuh kereta sendiri!!! :P

    4. Not my boss.. but actually Shahril's. But it affects us all the same lah kan. Maybe worse since Shahril's gaji is way more than mine. :D Tu lah, the day will come, ye tak? Aniaya orang yang ada anak bini nak sara!

  3. moqblure Says:

    story # 1 = sabar
    story # 2 = happy
    story # 3 = sabar
    story # 4 = sabar


    kan kan kan?? :D

  4. Jaja Says:

    citer #1)biasa laa jd paranoid jgn terlalu iktkan sgt kay?
    citer #2)wayang?apa itu wayang?hahaha...
    citer #3)it happens to us too la ainil...hehehe...
    citer #4)Allah bayar 'cash' kat org camtu..tgk la nnti...

  5. naziah Says:

    1) perkara biasa... aku paranoid tahap paranormal dah eventho the kids cuma ada hingus sikit je... macam2 scene la main kat kepala aku... nauzubillah!!!!!

    2) ye ka? i tot the movie is 2 jam 1/2? Aku masuk pukul 10.30am keluar wayang 1pm... maybe start lambat la kot... heh... i'm re-reading the books again. as if x pernah baca la buku2 ni, excited dia terover2.

    3) proton punya kereta semua macam tu la. kalau kau nak jimat minyak, myvi is good. it's spacious, small enough to manouver...

    4) ***^$%$%$@#$!!!!!!!!!! Semoga dia di rahmati Allah...

  6. hani Says:

    nak jugak komen..hehe...

    1) ibu2 mmg begitu...bapak2 kena cool sbb kalau dua2 paranoid habis lah kelam kabut...hehe..

    2) i've never watched or read anything related to HP...maybe i shud start soon...hehe...

    3) i used to think like you happened to me a few times already (pure coincidence, i guess) and i have discouraged hubby to talk about changing cars inside the car takut nanti kereta 'merajuk'..and he has been teasing me about that eversince...menyesal aku....keh keh...
    4) apa punya bagero bos ur hubs tu?