First of all, do we still use the sengkang (-) for words like macam-macam or sama-sama?

The day started redup weather-wise, but I cannot express how bright my world becomes when a meeting (in which I am supposed to present on the study I've done on the thing I don't like doing) has to be cancelled due to clashing schedules. Yeyyyyyy!! Terus rasa semangat berkobar-kobar (again, patut ada sengkang ke?) nak bekerja hari ni (on different task, obviously).

I finally get to eat Crab Salted Egg yesterday at Cheng Ho with Ngah. Yey me. If Akak could join us yesterday, it would have been perfectly perfect. I heard so much about it (Cheng Ho and it's Crab Salted Egg) that I got to a point yang mengidam. Ada ke orang mengidam nak makan benda yang dia tak pernah rasa pun? But anyway... semalam, puas hati!!

(Jaja & I-dee if you guys are reading this, the taste of the Crab Salted Egg is very much similar to the Butter Milk Crab I-dee bought us in Labuan, except that kat Cheng Ho, dia tambah Salted Egg into the sauce making it more pekat... other wise, samaaaaa sedap dengan kat Labuan punya. :D)

Ngah is leaving tonight for Moscow. And I must say (although it really goes without saying), that nothing, nothing can brighten my spirit on that. We'll miss you Ngah, you know we will. Let's pray I get to save enough for 5 of us to go to Moscow next year k?

Here are some pictures of my little ones, especially dedicated to their Aunty Nid, cousin 'kakak Kitina (Kitreena) and cousin 'Edwik" (Edrick) and also Unker Karl Concen (Johnson).

Pictures are taken with my phone (to justify on the quality) last Saturday as we were getting ready for a kenduri (at which I had sambal daun tempoyak (it's that what it's called??)) a specialty of them Nogori lots.

[caption id="attachment_99" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Gaya2 model baju kebangsaan"]Gaya2 model baju kebangsaan[/caption]

Believe it or not, I bought the baju kurung Mariessa is wearing for Raya back in 2007 when she was only... hmmm 6-7 months old.

[caption id="attachment_100" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Same person, same baju. 20 months different."]Same person, same baju. 20 months different.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_101" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Thank you Aunty Nid, for the baju!"]Thank you Aunty Nid, for the baju![/caption]

5 Responses
  1. moqblure Says:

    alalalala.. nape potong rambut mariessa?? huhu

    nk jd cam aunty Ada ke? :D

  2. Jaja Says:

    i miss buttermilk crab!!de last time i went to cheng ho,we had this fish dish..sedap..xtau apa namanya...masam2 kuah dia kaler kuning...nnti bwk baby dtg labuan k?kita melantak crabs lagi...

  3. Serene Says:

    Ada.. I did not actually cut Mariessa's hair. Tapi dalam gambar tu, rambut dia basah lagi. So nampak all pendek, rapiiiiii gitu. Once kering je, aduhhh.. gravity has no effect whatsoever I tell you!

    Jaja.. Oh, the buttermilk crab I-dee bought us was really out of the world!!! Makan kat rumah pulak tu kan.. tak yah nak control2 ayu.. heheh. Not that we control ayu that much pun kat kedai tak? Heheheh

    Oh, If we go to Labuan again, you can bet I'll make that crab a must!

  4. naziah Says:

    suka la tengok aksi model baju kurung tuh! geram acik!!!!