Today, 2 of my colleagues are confirmed with H1N1. I don't know Guy No.1 since he's from the Accounts Department. But Guy No. 2 is from the QRM (Quality Risk Management) Department, and he's from the same floor.

Guy No. 2 came back from Jakarta last week. He came to the office until Wednesday when the symptoms appeared. He had a lengthy discussion with Girl A on on Tuesday. On Thursday, I had a lengthy discussion pulak dengan Girl A. Guy No.2 was supposed to be there too, but he was already on quarantine. Today Guy No.2 is a confirmed case of H1N1 and Girl A is complaining of sore throats.

And I am freaking out!

The company has provided everyone with a mask, and now everyone in the office is wearing it. It's a scary sight. And no one dares to sneeze or cough, sebab nanti the whole office would want to know, siapa yang batuk/bersin tuh. Hehe. The mask is  extremely uncomfortable though, my glasses asyik2 berkabusssss je.

Let's keep on praying k?
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