Ummi pergi dengan tenang tanggal 7 Oktober 2009 bersamaan 18 Syawal 1430  @ 1.34 p.m., surrounded by people who loves her and whom she had loved unconditionally.

Semoga rohnya ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang beriman. Amin.

You live in our hearts, Mi…



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  1. Ana Johan Says:

    ainil...sorry for your loss...Al-Fatihah

    Take care yah fren!

  2. la Signora Says:

    Darling, I tried calling you as soon as I heard, but then again I might have the wrong number.Anyway, my deepest condolences to you and your family, Ummi will always have a special place in my heart--it was her who made me love 443 unconditionally and made me felt at home with her warm smile.I don't know if I've ever told you this, but upon meeting Ummi the first time, I was flustered to call her 'makcik' or 'Aunty' ..and was even contemplating to call her 'Kakak' (yes, aku nervous tak bertempat, boleh tak?)...only to have Ummi smiled and said, "Panggil Ummi jer lahhhh" and that title suited her well.

    Al-Fatihah, Ummi semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang beriman, amin.

    Oh, I'm on Wordpress now.Long story cut shot, my Blogger account kept getting hacked by pornography spammers.Malu weh.

  3. shasha Says:

    Ainil, so sorry to hear about your mum's passing. I didn't realise she was battling cancer, obviously something close to my heart.

    I cried upon reading some of your previous posts about your mum - she is blessed to have such good children. It must be hard for you and family, but I guess God knows what is best for her.

    Keep strong my dear and sending you much love and a big big hug XX

  4. Serene Says:

    Sa... Tq very much. Just wrote you an email.
    Welcome to Wordpress! ;)

  5. Serene Says:


    Tq very much. I've been following your blog too. And following your mom's journey to recovery. She's a strong woman and I'm sure your strength is no less.

    I'm glad we were able to do everything we could for her. I think we were blessed to have been given the time and the chance to take care of her. Although whatever we did could have never matched to what she had done for us her children, I pray that it had comforted her at least.

  6. ADA Says:

    salam ainil...

    ADA ni. Baru teringat nama wordpress ainil setelah berbulan duk terlupa. Innalillah..

    Bagusnya Ummi ainil dapat anak2 yang baik cam ainil adik beradik.. leh doa2 kan.. kan???

    :) Semoga selamat semuanya...

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