For the first time in many, many years… this year I know exactly what I want. Not only that, this time around I have actually started to do something about ‘it’ in December. So, when January came, I told myself this year I WILL make it happen, once and for all InsyaAllah.

Truth is, it’s not easy making a resolution… especially when that resolution is a repeated one year after year. At one point, I convinced myself that a new year doesn’t need to come with a resolution.. it should be a daily thing! But honestly.. who does that? I know I don’t.

So in December.. after so many months of reading and researching about it, I gathered my courage and sent an email to Salha asking her about the much talked about Premium Beautiful and the business. It was just an email, and yet I was very nervous when i sent it.

To cut the long story a little shorter, I met with Salha one fateful day. Tried PB on, and like most other people who has.. I got hooked on it at first try. Bought the set and went home to ask Shahril of his opinion on the business.

Much to my surprise, Shahril gave me his blessings to pursue in the business… so here I am. My very first entry on PB. :)

It’s been 3 weeks now, since I first tried the set. I am still loving it, Alhamdulillah. A few colleagues have even commented that I look slimmer too. *grins from ear to ear*.

I’ve lost 2.3kg so far, Alhamdulillah. Not as drastic as some other people.. but 2.3kg is still a lot for me. A good start, definitely.

The BEST thing happened last Friday night however. I was supposed to participate in a bowling tournament on Saturday, so Friday night I decided to buy a new pair of jeans, since I felt all my jeans have turned baggy. The ones that I have were of size 40 and 42 you see and I usually buy my jeans from the plus size section.. it’s depressing.. not to mention humiliating as well, that’s why I hate shopping for clothes so much.

I don’t really know what made me go to the ‘normal’ size section when I arrived at Jusco that night. It was kind of wishful thinking, actually. Asked the salesgirl what is the biggest size they have.. she said 36. You know how you can estimate whether or not you can fit into a pair of pants by measuring the waist around your neck? Well, she told me to do that. I did. It was a little too big.. so I thought, that is just not possible!

Took the size 36 jeans and another one of size 35 (dream big!) to the fitting room.

The size 35 fits nicely! (without wearing PB to boot!)

For someone who’s been wearing plus size everything for many many years… you can imagine how happy I was. So happy I almost cried.

Told Shahril.. another 2 sizes down.. I can wear HIS jeans too! Hahahah…

Wore the new jeans the next day at the bowling tournament.. and came out 3rd for women category. My lucky jeans, indeed. :D

So yes.. I am now a PB believer. Of course there are sooo many other benefits that PB has to offer, but I would rather talk about what it does to me. At least in this entry. ;)

I may only be 2.3kg lighter than I was in December.. but I feel sooooooo different. It’s like finding a new light. No, I am not exaggerating.

It would be my utmost pleasure to share it with you, if you’re interested. After all, good things ARE meant to be shared… kan?

... 35 and counting down. ;)

4 Responses

  1. Serene Says:

    Ja.. Yey!

    I'm honoured! Jom kita! :D

  2. ida.z Says:

    Wah, hour glass le kwn2 ku lepas ni! Nak jugak!

  3. Serene Says:

    Jom Ida, jom! Lagi ramai, lagi meriah.. lagi bersemangat, kan?