My sisters and I were lepaking while going through Premium Beautiful brochures I brought over to Mesra. When reading about FIR.. Ngah asked.. how can FIR help to lose weight?

Here’s how…


Can diet alone effect a permanent weight loss for most people? Despite the fact that a dozen new diet books hit the shelves every week, the consensus among health professionals is that changing your diet won’t change your body. This is because diet is just one element that affects your body’s overall chemistry and metabolic function.

In order to change the shape of your body permanently, you need to address the root causes of obesity and overweight. New technologies allow you to effect systemic change in your body, instead of attempting to change your shape through eating habits alone.

So how does infrared ray technology fit into the equation?

Far infrared rays have been discovered to stimulate a range of positive responses in the human body, and are successfully being used to treat a range of health conditions. Originally developed by NASA, this powerful technology has since been adopted by the medical community because of its ability to penetrate the human body safely and deliver a wide array of therapeutic effects at the cellular level.

Far infrared rays are capable of stimulating weight loss by improving the body’s basic metabolic and eliminative functions. By correcting a number of very common conditions that can lead to weight gain, this therapy achieves two major goals: it makes adherence to a regimen of healthy exercise and diet easier, and it optimizes the body’s response to these stimuli. The patient will notice that they crave sugar, fat and simple carbohydrates less, that they have more energy and vitality when exercising, and that recovery from exertion is faster.

Here’s how it works:

Detoxification: Delivering far infrared rays to the cells of the body stimulates the cells to eliminate cellular wastes and toxins more efficiently. Essentially, this is a deeper, more powerful version of the juice or water fasts that people use to detoxifying their bodies. When your body is able to cleanly and efficiently dispose of toxins and wastes, you experience fewer cravings for sugars and fats that unhealthy cells cry out for. Healthy, functioning cells are able to process more complex, high-quality nutrients instead of subsisting on simple sugars; in response, your body will stop craving them.

Metabolic acceleration: Far infrared rays permeate the body with heat energy. That energy transfers to your cells and encourages them to function more rapidly and efficiently. This, in turn, boosts your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, increases blood flow to all parts of your body, and burns an incredible number of calories. In fact, an American Medical Association report suggested that each far infrared ray treatment burned as many calories as 30 minutes of rowing or jogging.

Physical recovery: Many people begin a weight-loss exercise routine only to be sidelined immediately by muscle and joint pain or immobility and debilitating fatigue. The regular use of far infrared rays helps people to maintain an increase in physical activity by shortening recovery time and healing minor exertion-related injuries. The soothing, penetrative heat stimulates cellular regeneration, allowing you to get back on your feet more quickly and feel refreshed, relaxed and energized.

By detoxifying the body and accelerating caloric consumption, the body is primed to avoid the kinds of foods that are detrimental to healthy weight loss, and is also able to expel calories more quickly, without converting them into fat and cellular waste products. It’s a systemic change that leads to far more successful weight loss results than those that could be achieved through dieting alone.

This doesn’t mean that diet isn’t a critical factor in weight loss. It is absolutely essential to eat a healthy, balanced diet in order to keep your body trim. But without addressing underlying issues that sabotage weight loss efforts, your ability to lose weight and keep it off are severely compromised.

Amazing isn’t it? The amount of knowledge and research that goes into something as simple as a lingerie!

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  1. Vivian Leon Says: asithi ............I like people watching. Everyone is so different. But no matter what size they are people generally have one of the four body shapes ruler hourglass pear or cone. Your body shape is pre-determined genetically and does not change whether you are taller skinner or fatter.... ...Your body shape depends on how your weight is distributed on your frame.