You better grab it! ;)


When I wrote my very first entry on Premium Beautiful, I didn’t know what to expect. I mean I know a lot of people have heard about PB, some are even interested but still in the process of  thinking whether it would be a good investment, but I just didn’t know whether people would ‘react’ to my post.

Much to my pleasant surprise, I received quite a number of emails and facebook messages asking me about the price, the benefits and some even asked about the business, Alhamdulillah.

First and foremost, thank you very much for all the questions, I have, with pleasure, replied all of them to you girls personally. My BB’s Facebook notifications has never been busier! Hehe. Don’t be shy shy cat one to ask more ye?

What can PB do?

Well.. instant result would be this:


back  Seriously.. your body will look a lot more… for lack of better words… kemas!

Note that Premium Beautiful corsets are:-
- designed 70% for health and 30% for beauty benefit.
-It has LIFETIME WARRANTY and indeed a worth "once in a lifetime investment" for woman.
-You can wear it to shape up your body and lose unwanted fat or gain it's numerous health benefits.
-It is a perfect tool for all mothers during confinement time (healing wounds/stitches, gain back energy and return to that slim body in easy, safe, faster method).
-A must have for girls to achieve that perfect body, beautiful skin and optimum health

In longer term:

  • Wearing PB will increase your metabolic rate and therefore you will eventually lose weight and unwanted fat. The advantage is your body will not become flabby when you lose weight but firmer and shape up beautifully.
  • It helps to structure , shape your body and guide your body posture and at the same time cure back pain
  • The breathable material prevents production of fungus & bacteria hence reduces white discharge.
  • PB contains F.I.R which regulates healthy blood circulation and increase metabolism therefore unwanted fats will be eliminated, body will be tighter & firmer and further it is designed to shape up the body beautifully by spreading the fat at targeted/correct area and mold the body at its best shape. It improves skin complexion, reduces stretch marks & cellulite
  • Healthy and good blood circulation results in body getting enough oxygen and therefore functioned at its optimum level. Discharge of toxin (heavy metals, poisons, and carcinogenic material) from your body through sweating makes you feel fresher day by day and cure fatigue.
  • Expels unnecessary waste from our body, prevent water retention.
  • Among F.I.R benefits is it helps increasing the production of breast milk for breastfeeding mothers.
  • F.I.R also helps in preventing cancer and eliminate cyst.

    Now.. the most awaited piece of information….  the price :D:

    Normal price is RM2600…

    but promotional price is now RM2000-2200 according to the size..

    And…. to top that… I’ve decided to include the Premium Beautiful Natural Wash (worth RM42) as a free gift! Ala2 opening sale gitu, kan? Senang maaaa to wash your PB set! ;)


    Refresh & Soften Your Special Clothes : Blend well with selected natural plant extracts and vitamins. It is highly effective for Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie and suitable for exclusive garments to make it softer and at the same time, protects your hand and environmental safe.


    AND.. ada lagi.. for every cash or Credit Card payment.. you will get another RM225 cash rebate! The very first time rebate is offered after 18 years in the market! How cool is that?

    So.. if you’re like me.. who has been reading and reading and reading about PB and contemplating whether or not to buy, I’d say this is pretty much THE right time to do so! ;)

    You know where to find me kan? Oh and if you don’t:

    019 277 4316

    that’s where! ;)

    3 Responses
    1. Aba Says:

      owh..sgt berbaloi-baloi...
      doakan aba boleh join sama ok!!!

    2. Serene Says:

      oh.. Ainil sgt mendoakan, ber! :D

      Bolehhhh.. InsyaAllah. :)

    3. la Signora Says:

      I remembered using a product similar to this (I think it's call CRONY).Basically, good lingerie does help lah kan.I had the whole set.Tapi skarang ni dah macam malas...kinda disappointed in myself for abandoning my health regime.Haiya.

      Nevertheless, here's to a healthier us!