For some reasons beyond me, I’ve always had problem in doing anything the 2nd time. For example, if I try a new recipe, and it turns out a success the first time around, I can be almost sure that the 2nd time will be a disaster, no matter what I do. First time I baked a bread it turned out so soft and fluffy. 2nd attempt – sooo keras, kalau baling kat dinding, boleh retak dinding tu!

From major experience like…My first pregnancy went almost without a glitch. The 2nd time I was pregnant, I miscarried without even knowing I was actually pregnant.

To minor incidents like… The first email I sent out when I was transferred to the HQ went out OK (I am very particular about emails relating to work), my 2nd email - I forgot to put in the ‘Subject’, causing me to receive an email from my boss (who is, as you can see, just as particular, if not a 100 times more), reminding me that little things like forgetting the ‘Subject’ is not acceptable and that I should be very careful about such things. I tell you, I so wanted to smack my head on my desk that very moment.

What I really want to say is, today is my 2nd day back at work. After a ‘successful’ day last Friday, today I am feeling oh sooo sooo lost! I just cannot wait to go home and see all my little (and not so little) angels.

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