The news that is buzzing in the office is very unsettling, to say the least. In every corner, people are whispering to each other as if the others have no clue on what they are whispering about. I am pretty sure even those who are not whispering among themselves are actually thinking about the same thing. And those who are typing away on the laptops pretending that they are not affected by the news and that the world revolves just as it did a few days ago, I bet they are thinking about the same thing too.

As for myself, I am obviously thinking about what the others are thinking about too. I am still debating whether I should feel motivated by the news (I should be, if I can be optimistic enough) or I should succumb to the devastation and let myself be demotivated (it’s hard not to be).

It does not seem wise, if it’s not downright irritating to console those who are directly affected, with the word Fate. But then again, what else can be said about such tragic? That God has other plans for them? I wish I know what to say without sounding lame or insensitive. I wish I know what they want to hear, what they need to hear, because sitting there in silence, listening to their sobs, just doesn’t feel enough.

I am sending my prayers towards their paths, hoping that (as lame as this may sound), their next destination is a greener field.

4 Responses

  1. azalea Says:

    I have been your silent reader and amazed how strong are you.
    God is great and will not test one beyond ones strength.
    and what goes round comes around.

  2. Serene Says:

    Yes! Not really surprising, but scary nonetheless.

  3. Serene Says:

    Salam Azalea,

    First of all, I have never thought there would be silent readers like you reading my blog. I am flattered. Thank you for 'coming out'. :)

    I am safe (from the retrenchment exercise) for now. But who's to know until when. I guess I'll just have to work hard eh? :)