60 days could not have gone any faster than it did. Adding 2 weeks of MC prior to my maternity leave, I have been away from the office for 76 solid days! And today, I’m back at work.  Didn’t feel like a week, what more 76 days! Why lah all good things must come to an end so quickly?

It has been a good day so far at work, mainly because *Warning – vain mode ahead: * Quite a number of people commented that I’ve lost a lot of weight and that I’m glowing. *blink blink blink* Even the tea lady said “nampak lagi muda lah sekarang”. Eche che wah. Kasik chan la haaaa.. bukan selalu apa orang nak puji I kan. :D. (Shahril will never hear the end of this of course. Hehe..)

Did nothing much today, as expected. That’s the beauty of starting work on Friday after so long. Nobody is expecting anything (yet) from me, giving me a whole day to warm up and hopefully by Monday I’ll be ‘warm’ enough to work on top speed. Hopefully.

I’ve started sending Adreena to the nursery since Monday so that I can get some ‘me’ time before I start work. Sending her on the first day wasn’t easy though. Belum keluar rumah lagi, air mata dah meleleh dah. And every baby I saw that day (went to the bank, mall etc) reminded me of her. But we both survived the day, tough girls that we are.

Having 4 days free all to myself, I did something I’ve never done before. Watched 3 movies in 3 days in a row! Hehe. Watched ‘Did you hear about the Morgans’ (alone) on Monday, Sherlock Holmes (also alone) on Tuesday and Avatar in 3D (with Shahril) on Wednesday. I must say, I really like all 3 movies. The Morgans were really funny, Holmes was brilliant (I have a soft spot for Jude Law anyway), and Avatar was simply great (it was my first time watching anything 3D). And I’m glad I took the time to spend with myself like that. It felt good.

Tomorrow Adreena will turn 2 months old. I’ve been meaning to write a dedicated entry about the whole ordeal of her arrival 2 months ago, but I guess that will have to wait (yet again). :)

Back at work

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