It’s my birthday today.

It’s also Afiq’s first day at kindergarten. Like all mothers I believe, I was more excited and nervous than the boy himself.

P1010267Afiq – ready for school bright and early

P1010272Senyum paksa, sebab nak suruh Mama cepat sikit, he wanted to go inside to check out the toys. :)

As expected, everything went smoothly. He has always been very independent, so going to a new environment like this does not bother him at all. Mariessa on the other hand is very different from Afiq. That was why, also as expected, after we sent Afiq off at the Little Caliphs, Mariessa punya lah menangis + meraung when we dropped her off at her nursery. I guess with Afiq not being there with her, she feels insecure. Sayu hati Mama.

At 11.30, I went to pick Afiq up. When asked how was school, he said, “Best sgt2, Mama!” :) When told that Mariessa menangis kat nursery, terus dia risau. We stopped by at Giant because I wanted to buy him a pair of proper school shoes. I honestly tak teringat langsung about his shoes. I mean, I thought he didn’t need one since the learning is indoors anyway, tapi pagi tadi bila hantar dia kat sekolah tu, rasa tak cukup handsome pulak without the shoes. Hehe. So I told him that we were going to get him shoes first at Giant, and then I’ll send him to the nursery. Afiq said, “kita shopping cepat2 je k Mama? Nanti adik tunggu abang”. Mariessa’s lucky to have Afiq, don’t you think?

Tomorrow Afiq’s going to school by the ‘van’ pulak. I cannot believe all these are happening already. It certainly didn’t seem like 5 years since I first held him in my arms. 

So that’s how I celebrate my 32nd birthday. At least so far. :) And tomorrow is the 44th day of my confinement period which is officially the last day. So Yey! :D

It’s also my first birthday without Ummi. :(

3 Responses
  1. Aber Says:

    alahai...hensemnya dia :)

  2. Aunty Mas Says:

    I pun tompang tak percaya Afiq dah out of nursery level and into a school. Soon before you know it, it's Kicha's turn pulak. And she's so lah lucky nya dapat abang like him.

    I bet Afiq too missed having to watch out for her kat sekolah, and felt a little guilty pun for enjoying his day a tiny bit more today.

    But of all this, Mama lah yang paling merasa, kan.

    Happy Birthday Sistah! It's been a great great day indeed.


  3. ida.z Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Ainil!