This time I’ll let the pictures do the talking :)

04012010How my day started yesterday. Breakfast before going to the Little Caliphs.

cake How the day ended yesterday. (This was after Johnny’s Steamboat. Hehe)


How the day started today. Note the new sparkling white new shoes. :)


2 pairs of sparkling new shoes??




One school boy and one nursery girl.. with their new shoes

(bangun tidur, tukar baju (“kita tak nak mandi!”) tapi nak pakai kasut baru. Sikat rambut pun taknak, which explains the hair. :D


Another pose, dengan mata sembab


Afiq with his Ultraman pose, while waiting for the van. “Mama, kenapa van Aunty-Kak Liza ni tak sampai2 pun Ma?”

Not to forget,

03122009(003) Adreena day dreaming (this was a while back)

And last but not least,


Adreena saying, yo peeps!

5 Responses

  1. zezz Says:

    adreena is such a chubby little girl!

    eh best la Afiq dpt masuk little caliphs...hope there'll be one in Sbn in 5 yrs time hehe

    ...anddd selamat habis pantang to you :))

  2. Serene Says:

    Zezz... Tq!

    Tu la.. I am so grateful, I 'bumped' into Little Caliphs banners by coincidence on my way nak pegi hospital for my one month post-natal checkup hari tu. Baru bukak je Little Caliphs tu. So, lepas checkup terus singgah and terus register. It's like my prayers were answered! Terus burn booking kat another tadika. Hehehe. Yes, hopefully one day they'll venture to Seremban pulak kan. Tak pun YOU open one lah! :) Ikut jejak langkah Miza. She owns the Little Caliphs in Puncak Jalil, did u know?

    Oh, mmg sgt suka hati hari ni dah officially habis pantang. Am taking Adreena out for lunch with my sister to celebrate, echewah! :D

    Take care u!

  3. tina Says:

    huhu sgt chumel itu baby..kak ainil sms add umah...nk visit..err..cuti sampai biler..??
    my no 0146692832...

  4. ly-d Says:

    meh meh ainil.. lawan sapa nye double chin lagi beso between adreena and aryan.. heh...

    and happy habes pantanggg to you and me!