According to Google maps, it’s 9.3km or 18 minutes from my office to Menara Aik Hua.

Now, we all know for a fact that that 18 minutes can only be possible:

1. On 1st Eid, when no one else is on the road, which was of course not the case yesterday or maybe… just maybe… during odd hours of the day.. like maybe at 3 am? Definitely not at 2pm when everyone in KL seems to be on the road. Don’t you guys have office meh?… or

2. with the help of a GPS thingy which would tell the driver a few hundred metres in advance to turn right into Jalan P.Ramlee instead of having the driver stretching her neck and squinting her eyes trying to locate where the heck is the ParkRoyal Hotel before making a right turn which in the end resulting in the driver missing the turn because she just could not seeeeeeeeee the hotel! or

3. if the said driver, who obviously does not own her own GPS thingy had her GPS man with her instead. (That’s what her husband told her when she tried to justify why why why she needed that GPS thingy – that he is a better GPS than that square thing she was eyeing). As always, when it comes to anything money, an engineer can never win over an accountant, can she?! :P

So needless to say, it was not an 18-minute drive from my office to Menara Aik Hua. Not at 2pm. Not when I was the driver. :D It took me 60 minutes instead. It was not 9.3km either. I can’t say what’s the mileage exactly, because I had to make 2 U-turns, which did not really feel like U-turns in the first place because what really happened was I felt like a was going around in a big circle instead.

Now the funny thing was (it wasn’t so funny yesterday though), when I reached Jalan Raja Chulan after driving for 55 minutes or so, the whole place looked oh so very familiar to me. Only when I was right in front of Menara Aik Hua did I realize that it was the very same place where I attended a course for FIVE days in a row some time back!!! And I drove there all that five days!! Aiyo! *smack the back of own head (Gibbs style)*. (Whoever is clueless about who this Gibbs person is, please watch NCIS.. hensem orang tua itu! hehehehe).

Now we all know what GPS man is getting for his GPS-less wife for her birthday in January lah kan? La la la la laaaaaaaaa…..

2 Responses
  1. Aunty Cikit Says:

    Yay nanti kita guna kan GPS Ainil sebaik mungkin ye in January?? yeh yeh??

  2. Serene Says:

    Of course!!!!!!

    Nanti sajaaaaaaaa je kita jalan2 cari makan kat ceruk rantau k, semata2 nak mengutilisekan itu GPS. Yay!